Blitzology: The Future of Football – Making the Game Safer

Blitzology: The Future of Football – Making the Game Safer

January 7, 2018

Blitzology discusses how the game could be made safer and thus preserved (LINK).

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    Jan 07, 2018 at 10:19 PM

    Great article re player safety regarding concussions and injuries due to in play contact but there is a broader issue that no one has addressed that I know of.

    That is long term Health & quality of Life of those who play the game not in terms of head injuries, CTe concussions, etc but in terms of just pure flat out OBESITY! When you have 17 year olds coming out of high school who are in excess of 300lbs so they can ‘play football’ there’s something wrong on a cultural level that encourages this and parents & teachers – society in general that accepts this. IT is flat out UNHEALTHY for the long term well being of these young men.

    American culture in general is a pathetically unhealthy society to begin with; overweight, lack of proper diet & nutrition is rampant and for a high school sport that encourages such obese degradation to try and attain a college level playing ability says to me that there’s something wrong with our University level emphasis as well……….

    Football as its played in the US is in need of much more than ‘simple’ player safety re cte & head injuries; but all injuries as well as long term player health which means tone the obese weights down!!

    Also Football as its played in the US needs serious philososphical changes as well if it is to survive. This game when it comes down to it is a spectator rip off. 12 minutes of actual play for every 3.5 hour long game………???? Total bullshit!
    Football as its played in Australia has way more action, way more safe, way more athleticism; way less injuries and played without pads or helmets…….
    something similar is the only alternative IF any semblance of ‘Football’ survives here in the US.
    and if safety, Health, athleticism, action and quality of a football game itself doesn’t change then the present form as played here in the US – well it should die a qwik and, if neccessary, painfull death!

    As I See It…………INTJohn

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