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23Mar 2017
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Some pictures to make you feel better

Michigan lost by one point in the Sweet Sixteen to Oregon. A few quick thoughts:

  • Oregon did a great job of keeping Michigan off balance. They switched up their defenses regularly, stepped out past the three-point line to defend Michigan’s shooters, and played aggressively.
  • Mo Wagner picked a bad time for a drop-off. He couldn’t shoot from outside, and he was ineffective on the inside. It seemed like Oregon’s quickness really affected him. He can normally take bigs off the dribble, but Oregon’s big guys are athletic 6’7″ and 6’9″ guys.
  • I guess Derrick Walton was expecting to get fouled on that last possession, but he wasted too much time. He had 9.4 seconds when the ball was inbounded, and all he did was dribble around before pulling up for a fall-away three-pointer. It’s the right guy taking the shot, but he ended up having to hurry that last shot more than he should have.

Oh well. It was fun watching these guys down the stretch. Go Blue!

If you’re feeling sad, there are some beautiful women beyond the jump to make you feel better.

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23Mar 2017
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In his own words – Ryan Van Bergen

Last week I spoke to former Michigan defensive lineman Ryan Van Bergen.  Ryan now runs his own gym in Ann Arbor.  In the interview we touch on everything from the difficulties of starting your own company to tacking Braxton Miller for a loss in front of the Michigan student section.  Ryan’s passion for Michigan, fitness, and football was obvious throughout the conversation.

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22Mar 2017
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Way Too Early 2017 Depth Chart: March 2017

Chris Evans (image via 247 Sports)

Back in August I took a look at how the depth chart might look in 2017 (LINK), and then I updated it in September (LINK), November (LINK), January (LINK), and February (LINK). Of course, things are always fluid, there will be early departures, there will be injuries, etc. But now that we have the 2017 class signed or enrolled early, things are perhaps a little bit clearer.

Hit the jump for another early look at 2017.

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