Football Study Hall: The return of the box safety, part II

Football Study Hall: The return of the box safety, part II

February 27, 2018

Ian Boyd discusses the use of a box safety to stop spread defenses (LINK).

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    Feb 28, 2018 at 6:51 AM

    This might be some of what was going on around here last year, although the getting your best players on the field thing was probably working too.

    “With the way that so many modern offenses are built around running the ball, quick passes, RPOs, and then throwing down the field only off play-action the use of four down linemen is starting to have decreasing value vs being able to utilize eight in coverage.”


    “One thing you notice about both plays above is that the boundary cornerback is all by his lonesome. Now both of those teams will mix in blitzes and safety help over the top (hence Wingard and Grimsley’s impressive numbers in pass defense) but anytime they want to involve their box safeties to outnumber and stuff the run they are typically leaving that guy isolated in man coverage.

    That’s the tradeoff that many teams have chosen to make, but it’s one that other teams are starting to reconsider. Having a big, tackling-machine safety as an unaccounted for free hitter is valuable enough against the run that some teams have questioned whether it’s worth trading a DL in order to utilize him. Is it harder for the OL to block a safety in space or a DL on the line? The answer could be A.”

    This might also have something to do with the nature of our recruiting on defense this year.

    The first vid made me think of Larry Wilson coming downhill and just wrecking everything. Best Sunday of the year for me used to be St. Louis v Dallas. Larry Wilson vs Cliff Harris and Charlie Waters. A little slice of Db heaven.

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