Football Study Hall: Why the sad history of blue chip QB rankings is changing

Football Study Hall: Why the sad history of blue chip QB rankings is changing

November 13, 2018

Recruiting site rankings for quarterbacks aren’t as terrible as they used to be (LINK).

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    Nov 13, 2018 at 1:59 PM

    This topic reminds me of a couple issues:
    1- The fact that ‘Blue chip’ players – i.e. ‘5 stars’; only 60% of these can’t miss rated high school types ever make it to the pros. Of course there is only about 30 of these types per year anyway and 60% of ~30 = ~ 18 that will get to the pros but this still doesn’t guarantee any kind of lengthy career. And even the best of them can not be used to build an NFL team with as statiscally an NFL team will have an opportunity to draft one of these 60percenters about once every 2 drafts. Hardly enuff manpower to build a team with so why even consider ‘the stars’ haha says any GM.

    2- When ever I read about ‘historical’ and ‘great college qb’s’ in the same paragraph I always ponder about & wonder WHY schembechler never recruited Gary Hogeboom. IMHO I think he would’ve beat Rick Leach out and have expressed as much to Hogeboom as I periodically cross paths with him.

    Hogeboom ran the triple option at CMU just as Bo was running at the time with Leach but unlike Leach , Hogeboom who was and still is to this day very athletic, could actually deliver a pass on target & had a pro arm, size, mentality. The late great Tom Landry who was one of the most innovative offensive football minds in all of football history drafted Hogeboom to the Cowboys to compete with Danny White as ‘heir apparent’ to the great Roger Staubach.
    I spend my summers in West Michigan beaches – Muskegon/Grand Haven where Hogeboom runs his land development corporation and ran into him summer of ’17 at The Lakehouse in Muskegon. He was with his wife at a private waterside place so didn’t disturb but simply gave him a nods up ‘hi’. He’s promised me an old school inside ‘recruiting’ story sometime and I can’t wait to hear it!

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