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      Gettin my head & heart back into Michigan football and here’s my preseason prediction for 2018 record.

      At this point I’ve got the Wolverines penciled in for 7 wins; 1 loss with 4 games as tossups.

      This assessment will most likely be completely adjusted after what I see take the field at South Bend. If Michigan plays like they did in the bowl game its going to be a long long season maybe even finishing at 7-5. If they can be competitive in a hostile game 1 environment; losing by no more than a field goal then I can see the Wolverines at 9-3. If they escape with a narrow victory as Georgia did last season then maybe 10-2 or 11-1 and if they win convincingly by 2 TD’s or more……?
      Maybe Michigan goes 15-0.

      All depends on that first game play against ND.
      Go Blue!!

      As I See It…………INTJohn

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      I will give my thoughts. 11-1.

      Michigan should win 8 games pretty stress free (pre big ten schedule, Neb, NW, Mar, Rut, IND). Looking at Michigan they bring back one of the best defences in the country, that SHOULD get them through that group. ND being the best team in that group, but they have some big losses from last year and I suspect UM’s defense will control those games.

      I can’t remember a defence as stacked at all three levels for Michigan, I think every starter on the defence and some backups will probably play in the NFL at some point. There is potential for a few first round picks, across all 3 levels. The team overall probably has more productive 5*’s than at any point I remember.

      Then we come to the offence, after playing 3 QBs behind a poor performing offensive line and seemingly disconnected offensive coaching, while breaking in a new receiver core, it appears they should be significantly better. Realistically that means they could only be average. But the defence with an average offensive performance makes this a much better team. It is a team that was in a lot of close games last year. If the offensive line had decent players and bad coaching/scheme last year maybe they are good this year. If Patterson is good to great and Peters or DMcC develop this offence could be lights out… Skill positions are stacked! It has been a while, as everyone know it is all about the line and QB’s. They should each be better naturally, but a big step up out of either and this is a bloody good football team.

      My guess is that with an average offensive team they go 2-2 in the other 4 games. However, I suspect they are going to be primed for MSU and OSU. If I had to guess I would say this is their year to beat each (might be more hopeful than anything). My guess for how each of the remaining 4 games rolls:

      Wisconsin – Loss, but close. Wisc are bloody good this year. We are all looking forward to our D-Line vs their O-line.
      MSU – Win. UM and Harbaugh need this game, the football gods can only fall MSU’s way so many times. Um could easily be 3-0 against MSU under Harbaugh.
      PSU – Win. This is a home and home series. UM wins at home as does PSU.
      OSU – I think UM wins this.

      My prediction is 11-1. It might be somewhat optimistic, but UM has talent, a bruised ego and desperation. I still think they have really good coaching. I like that combination a lot.

      I would guess that would leave UM playing Wisconsin in the B10 Championship, that would be a toss up. They would obviously have to win to be considered for the playoff.

      On the flip side, if Michigan bumbles this year. I will have a 180 on the coaching and think Harbaugh should be on the hot seat or fired. He has simply not closed, with his history I am assuming he still can. If he doesn’t this year, that will be enough evidence for me to say he can’t win big games and needs to be fired or be on the hot seat. As I assume recruits will feel the same way and it will suffer greatly.

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