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      Michigan is at the 2018 season half time with an expected 5-1 record. All in all they’ve played very well especially compared to last year.

      What happens now for the 2nd half of the season? With 4 tough games on the schedule, each of which could be losses?

      Well before I spew on those 4 games: Wisky and the MOPS, I’m going to first give Indiana some kudos. The Hoosiers for the 2nd year in a row played the Buckeyes very tough for much of their game and yesterdays was in Columbus. Hopefully this bodes well for the Wolverines when they travel there for the seasons finale. It also means that Michigan’s game against the Hoosiers is the ‘trap game’ of the 2nd half. Many slept on Northwestern and many are now sleeping on Indiana. Don’t!

      Wisky doesn’t awe me anymore like they did before the season started and I think Michigan handles them this week in The Big House. I thought Hornibrook had cured his TO problems and thier excellent running back is still prone to a fumble here or there.
      I don’t expect Michigan to win by 3 td’s but I now am calling this a W putting the Wolverines to 6-1.

      MSU was my preseason pik to win the East. Tha ain’t hapanun. With 19 of 22 of their returning starters from a 10 win team a year ago, I thought Dantonio would have Lewerke & Co. turned into a fine smooth runnin machine but the Spartan offensive woes are prolly as bad as last year and in some way even worse. With Michigan’s much improved ability to move the ball, make some explosive plays, scoring TD’s coupled with their always tough defense, I look for the Wolverines to come out of EL with a W moving them to 7-1.

      PSU comes to AA after the Wolverines have a bye week and this extra week to prepare for the Lions should help Michigan tremendously. Barring any major injuries at this point and Michigan playing at home with a lot of confidence after the Badger & Spartan wins I’m giving a light edge to Michigan in this game. One could call it a toss up but Michigan has much more to gain than PSU has to lose at this point in the season and with the home crowd, etc Michigan eeks out a close one. Maybe even in OT to move to 8-1. Michigan is now well entrenched in the Top Ten.

      Rutgers & Indiana are Michigan’s next victories IF the Wolverines don’t let the Hoosiers catch them napping and bringing a 10-1 record into Columbus…….

      Indiana has shown me that the Buckeyes can be beaten in Columbus but it would take a historic effort by the Wolverines to pull it off. I still think they get beat by OSU and finishing at 10-2…..

      As I See It…………INTJohn

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      That is an excellent assessment. For some reason I think UM beats OSU this year. Maybe they lose to PSU and still go 10-2… Who knows. The only reason I think that is because of hope and I kind of think at some point the ball has to bounce UM’s way. Eventually you win one and it has been a long time for UM. OSU has had a lot of drama and now there is talk about Meyer’s health, maybe it has a negative impact. We will see, they have to win one at some point though. Don’t they?

      What has surprised you about UM this year?

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        Its starting to look like your original call that Michigan goes 11-1 may be spot on and yeah The Game in Columbus is looking more & more very winnable.

        In a conversation with a friend after Michigan’s victory over MSU I expressed my thoughts that Purdue would beat the buckeyes later that evening. He was like “Realy!?” And I was like Yeah!

        Indiana & Minnesota, 2 mediocre teams gave the buckeyes fits for over 3 quarters in Columbus and Purdue is a lot better than either and OSU had to go to Lafayette……. I said to him, yeah if the buckeyes play like they did against Indy & Miny; they get beat and so its happened.
        3 games ina row now and OSU looks average. Now , yeah they laid an egg at Iowa last year, too but that was not after the 2 previous weex of playing like shit. When you’ve played like crap for 25% of the season at Mid Season! I’m not sure thats not a defining trend thats easily rectified by the coaching staff: The osu offense is completely 1 dimensional & predictable and their defense looks like a sieve.

        Michigan is in the driver’s seat at this point for the East Title – its theirs to lose………INTJohn

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      I’m not sure I have any big surprises about Michigan this year but its satisfying to see them play like a ‘Real Michigan Football Team’ unlike most of the last 10, 12 even 15 or 20 years or so.

      They are beating handily the teams they ‘should’ beat and now its time to see if they can get over the hump and beat the ‘big boys’.
      Test No 1 came last night at home against Wisky and this was passed with more than flying colors. Next up is the nemesis MSU and Dantonio just seems to have Michigan’s #. The Wolverines gotta break that curse this Saturday & bury MSU once & for all for the Harbaugh Era.

      I won’t go any farther than that at this point as Michigan has a few more ‘Tests & Temptations’ before they’re matched up against “The Evil Empire”………..INTJohn

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