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    With LTT announcing his grad transfer from Akron, and his social media activity pointing toward interest in UM, my interest is piqued
    I think our OL situation is indeed desperate. Would JH allow him back on the team?

    Any Zips fans, who can speak to his 2016 development?

    *I know very little about his legal case, other than he’s served his punishment


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    He hasn’t served his punishment. He was sentenced in March 2016 to 2 years probation. He hasn’t even served half of it yet.

    Have no clue how the University or Harbaugh would view that IF they even want to view it. (No pun intended)


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    Evidently LTT has graduated from UM; hence the University has readmitted him , accepted his Akron transfer credits, cause Michigan his awarded him a degree. Now, evidently LTT would like to grad transfer from Akron to Mich for his last year of athletic eligibility which I guess would be Harbaugh’s call since he’s received his degree while in the process of serving his probation sentence at UM.

    Complicated and still not sure if I spewed that correctly.

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      Where did you hear that his credits already transferred to U of M? I know he got a Michigan degree in December, but sometimes that happens when people graduate earlier in the 2016 calendar year and want to be a part of a big ceremony. For example, if he graduated from U of M over the summer, he could have transferred to Akron but still participated in the grad ceremony in December.

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        Actually I didn’t hear it anywhere. I think I was mulling it all over in my cerebellum after 3 or 4 gin & tonix and my fingers were somehow mysteriously connected to a keyboard.
        ……and now I’m making coffee.:)

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    I’d take him.

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    If it means anything, LTT was a starter at Akron but did not earn any post-season awards or accolades in the MAC. Sometimes those all-conference awards are basically lifetime achievement awards, but if he were a true standout, I would expect him to at least get Third Team All-MAC.

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      Pretty much the only chance of Michigan having a “standout” at OT is moving Cole or Bredeson there, and even those moves would be unlikely to produce an all conference caliber player.

      Capable would suffice.

      The question is if whoever we can get (LTT or someone else) is better than whatever JBB and Ulizio have to offer.

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    Probably a huge PR risk if his victim is still a student or even around campus. One statement from her and this would get ugly fast.

    Seems highly highly unlikely he would return, but the fact that he graduated from Michigan and played at Akron is helpful.

    Would be unprecedented. Don’t get your hopes up.

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    Interesting development on this front.

    Akron is allowing 5 schools to contact LTT, including Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arkansas. Presumably he selected the 5.

    Jake Fruhmorgen is another transferring OT and according to reports he is considering Michigan and Florida. He started on last year’s Clemson team at RT as a true freshman and was starting this year until he got hurt. Kid can play but circumstances around his departure for “personal reasons” are mysterious. Dabo has nice things to say about him FWIW.

    Reports: OL Jake Fruhmorgen transferring from Clemson

    Off-field issues can’t be ignored in either case, but from a purely football perspective both would be valued additions. Fruhmorgen would have to sit a year but the 2018 OL doesn’t have any players with experience locked in.

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      Michigan should pursue both, IMO, if the off-field issues are manageable.

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        I agree. Michigan needs help on the OL, and I don’t think Tuley-Tillman needs to be in purgatory forever. He did a couple dumb things, but they can be attributed to youth. That doesn’t make them okay, but I’ve seen worse problems.

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