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      The following notes are from umbig11:

      Typical fall camp with things swirling a bit with every rep being graded.

      Confirmed starters at WR1 Crawford, WR2 Black, Slot Perry….DPJ then Collins

      Two QB reports that vary. One says Speight gave up some of his lead/ground to Peters after week 1 evaluations. Today’s report says Speight back in charge. Looks like typical camp comments to me.

      Higdon has taken over RB1, Evans, then Isaac. No other backs pushing for snaps.

      Running with the 1’s:


      QB Speight, some Peters and some O’Korn
      RB: Higdon/Evans, some Isaac (Higdon leads)
      FB: Hill
      TE: Bunting, then a host of others (McKeon/Gentry/Wheatley etc)
      LT: Cole (locked)
      LG: Bredeson (locked)
      C: Kugler/Ruiz (thin lead for Kugler)
      RG: Onwenu/Ruiz (slight lead for Onwenu)
      RT: JBB/Runyan, then Ulizio


      DE: Gary/Kemp (Gary owns it; Kemp is a stud!)
      NT: Mone/Solomon (Mone leads)
      DT: Hurst/Dwumfour (high praise for Dwumfour, but behind a star)
      DE: Winovich/Jeter (All Chase)
      LB: McCray (fantastic leader and excellent fall camp)
      LB: Bush (Huge hitter)
      CB: Hill (host of others; thin lead)
      CB: Long
      S: Kinnel
      S: Metellus
      Viper: Hudson (zero competition)

      Lots of talk about Collins in the top 5 at WR. Watson and Thomas pushing the CB’s
      Nate Johnson will be a return specialist.
      McDoom is losing ground to the Fr
      High praise for Dwumfour, Solomon, and Jeter.
      Speight lost some ground to Peters after evaluating week one.
      Exit PWO Simeon Smith
      Higdon may steal RB1
      No worries in the kicking game; figuring out the return men a priority (Johnson will return punts)
      Don’t sleep on Furbush or Woods to see plenty of action.

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      If higdon is good enough to beat out Evans that is awesome!

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      Who starts isn’t that relevant in my opinion. Both of these guys are going to need to carry the rock.

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      I guess the question is, has Evans improved over last year, and Higdon has just improved more, or has Evans been passed because he hasn’t gotten any better? Hopefully the former.

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        Alternative thought – they improved the same – Higdon is just a better fit to be a primary back in this offense (which demands between the tackles running and consistency).

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      I’m wondering if Higdon isn’t more of a second and third down back, ie. quick to the hole and a bit more power to gain that single yard or two. Maybe he has improved in pass pro?

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      Hidgon is a smaller back so I doubt he is the power back. Evans has also beefed up and heard good reports about him so it is hopefully that Higdon had stepped up his game.

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        Higdon isn’t a power back as in a FB, this is not what I intended to say. But he runs with aggression and power and thus far has shown he has stepped up his game.

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