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      In case you’re wondering what happened to former Michigan WR/CB Nate Johnson and why he was kicked off the team, he was sentenced to a few days in jail and 6 months of probation for an altercation back in September.

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      I am ambivalent about having his record sealed under the Holmes Youthful Trainee Act after he completes his sentence. The judge imposes jail time because of the violence even though he plead down from domestic assault.

      I know the arguments are I don’t know all the facts, and this would go on his record otherwise. If that was my daughter I don’t think I could be this generous.

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      (Lately I’ve been glued to FSU & Taggart) I was halfass following this and don’t have any depth ‘in the know’ at all but…….

      Johnson is guilty of misdeameanor assualt and booted off Team while Perry is saddled with a Felony police officer assualt but remains???

      Seems like more Harbaugh Hypocrisy……. I would love a face to face talk with Harbs with his apparent ( and maybe its not apparent at all) hypocrisy. His future may be that of Woody in more ways than 1!

      I think Harbs is a great coach and great for Michigan but I wonder at what price. He’s inconsistent; evasive, vague, secretive – generally signs of a narcissist insecure yet competitive personality and any person who wrestles his brother holding him under water till the 3rd to the last bubble; to the point of near drowning him is at least borderline Pathological…….
      I’ll write more in the off season on this.
      Yes thats Michigan’s HC…………INTJohn

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      Whats that little red ‘1’ mean? Oh is that some1 who thinks their opinioned ‘vote’ actually means something?
      You can take ‘democracy’ and shove it – I’m with Harbaugh on this 1 – MERITOCRACY!!! Fuk Democracy! Your vote is bs.

      Look it you fuking little coward who hides your bullshit behind some internet facade – post your fuking opinion and train of thought if your even capable of 1 HAHA!! Or STFU and cut your gaoddam fingers off.

      Havin’ sum fun……….INTJohn

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