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    What’s your favorite show on Netflix? I need a new show to binge watch. I just caught up with “The Walking Dead” in time for last night’s new episode, but now I need something new.

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    Not a show but if you are interested in documentaries, 13th is a good one put out by Netflix.

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      Interesting. I hadn’t heard of it, but I just looked it up and watched the trailer. I’ll add it to my list. Thanks!

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    i really enjoyed both narcos and sherlock if you havent seen those.

    im currently trying to get into bloodline (which is another of the netflix originals) after others recently recommended – no opinion yet as i only watched the pilot / first episode but it seems interesting and has some talented actors (including coach eric taylor) but well see if it draws me in

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      I watched “Bloodline.” It started off slowly, but it got to be really good. This is a side note that makes me super nerdy, but Norbert Leo Butz (who plays Kevin, the bearded brother) is a Broadway star who was in “Wicked” and other things. That made it a little extra interesting to me, because I like him as a performer. There’s some good acting in that show.

      “Narcos” is a good suggestion.

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    House of Cards
    Wentworth (Aussie version of OITNB that I like better)
    The OA
    The 4400
    Hemlock Grove
    Stranger Things
    Black Mirror
    The Killing

    We cut cable so Netflix has been our staple and go-to…although we just got a console that will allow streaming movies in the theaters…dangerous. Good luck and enjoy!

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      Thanks. I haven’t even heard of a couple of those things (Wentworth, The 4400, 3%), but I’ll check them out.

      “The Killing” was an awesome show. I watched all three seasons in about two weeks.

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        Wentworth and 3% have some challenges due to accents – but once you get used to them they are great!

        Wentworth can get pretty rough at times…

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    1) House of Cards (Season 5 starts in May, so good timing)
    2) Breaking Bad
    3) American Horror Story
    4) The People vs OJ Simpson
    5) Stranger Things

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      Oh, and over on Amazon, The Americans is really good

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    If you have Amazon I can give a few as well.

    House of Cards is one of the best, if you like political dramas.
    The League is always fun to go back and watch from the beginning if you want a comedy.
    Schitt’s Creek – rich family loses money, moves to a small town they bought as a joke 20 years ago.
    Blue Mountain State if you want campy college humor.
    Luther dark crime drama set in London.
    Marcella is a very clever show, crime drama in London.
    The Following is also good, and there are 4 seasons. About a cult following a serial killer. And helping.

    Best Documentary is Dear Zachary. You can’t google it though, just watch it.

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      I do have Amazon, too, but I don’t watch it much. Some of those shows are on Netflix. “Luther” has me intrigued because I really like Idris Elba. “Schitt’s Creek” looks good, too.

      Have you tried watching “Sneaky Pete” yet? I’ve thought about starting to watch that.

      Thanks for the list!

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