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      He was okay as a defender at UM. I thought he was great when blitzing and a heck of an athlete. He is a poor pass defender and as I offered a bet awhile back on this board, Peppers is not going to make in Cleveland. He will be gone within 3 years (traded or cut).

      Now to the point. Someone should whisper in Pepper’s ear that he should move positions. A move to rb might be in order. He has the size and talent to possibly make it there. I think people are deluding themselves thinking Peppers is going to make it covering wr’s as a safety in the NFL. He couldn’t cover in college, how in the heck is he going to cover in the NFL?

      I thought drafting Peppers in the 1st round was a major reach. How about I put it to you this way. Which guy would you want off this current UM defense to put Peppers on the field. You tell me. Who? Hudson? Metellus, Kinnel? Furbush? That says a lot right there and please go ahead and tell me who you would prefer to Peppers and I will counter.

      I’ll save my argument until you respond.

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      This is an odd question, but I would gladly get rid of Metellus or Furbush in order to have Peppers back for another year. Peppers wasn’t a great defender, and his Heisman campaign was based largely on his abilities to do things in all three phases of the game. But he was still a pretty good player on defense and rather versatile. I don’t think Furbush or Metellus is as good at his particular position. Meanwhile, Kinnel has been very good at times and then has missed some tackles, so I might swap him out, too.

      If I can play Peppers on offense/special teams, too, then I’d trade him for Hudson. If not, I might just keep Hudson.

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      Thanks for the response. I agree that Peppers is preferable to the other players if he can be utilized on special teams.

      In regards to defense, I would not take Peppers.

      Peppers vs. Furbush. Can Peppers be utilized as a de facto blocker for Bush? UM has enough blitzers and what this team really needs is pass defenders. This is where Peppers doesn’t quite measure up.

      Hudson is young but a better overall player but not by much. Again it goes back to how bad Peppers is in coverage. I know you saw the same thing I did. Not to mention the obvious point that Peppers wasn’t as reliable from a health standpoint.

      Metellus. I think Metellus is an explosive as they come and tough as nails. Is Peppers really better than Metellus? Why was the NFL so enamored with Peppers? Probably all those ST’s plays and his 40 yard dash but as a football player did Peppers ever fight off as tough of a block in the FL game to cause the fumble? CO game?

      This next obvious question to ask is if Peppers was so good at defense why is he playing a position in the NFL that he didn’t play his junior year in college?

      Kinnel. Wouldn’t trade him for Peppers. How many int’s again did Peppers have in college?

      I like the chemistry of this defense. It’s early but I don’t see a clear cut reason to want Peppers back. He was drafted for being a jack of all trades guy but master of none. Glad he left. He got a nice contract and wish him well but I’d rather have Darboh back. I wouldn’t want last year’s safeties back other than for depth.

      This can be interpreted as a compliment to the talent of this team and not to disparage the talent of the former guys.

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