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      Speight has won the QB battle and is the starter. O’Korn has won the backup position. Peters is fading. Dylan McCaffery would play in front of Peters if not for a redshirt.

      — extra note: Some little things show up under pressure/live contact. Instead of picking on Peters I will just highlight DM’s strengths. Release, accuracy, poise, command, arm strength etc. He is very confident and talented. He will be very competitive moving forward. Peters is no slouch. There is a lot of talent around him. Hope that helps.

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      So, if that’s the true about Peters, was it a screw up of epic proportions to blow the first (and critical QB) of the Harbaugh era?

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      Haha; Harbaugh has rarely recruited ANY of his first choice QB’s but has had to revert to plan b or c or z.

      Peters wasn’t his first choice in ’16; niether was Milton for 2018; Caff may have been for ’17 but don’t think so.

      Not even Luck at Stanford was Harb’s first choice QB recruit; he wanted a couple other guys first 1 of whom ended up at Baylor, if I recall, might’ve won a Heisman if I recall but hey maybe I’m sufferin from ole man dementia……

      Josh at USD might have been his only for sure 1st choice landed QB recruit.
      So how good of a recruiter is Harbaugh? This would be an interesting essay topic. Signed recruits vs those Harbs preferred?Extensive & difficult subject to have any substance but one that would be very interesting………INTJohn

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