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      Just curious. Do you think the emphasis on the running game, and moderate amount of passing will effect recruiting of WR’s and TE’s? TE’s seem to have emphasized earlier, but last game or so, not so much.

      Don’t get me wrong, I believe in a strong running game, but I have to wonder if modest number of pass attempts might cause WR talents to look for more prolific pass offenses.

      Your thoughts?

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      Yeah, I think some receivers are going to want to play in more pass-happy offenses. I’ve mentioned before that I think someone like Donovan Peoples-Jones’s ceiling is limited at Michigan, because he’s never going to catch enough passes to warrant being a Biletnikoff Award candidate or All-American. He’s had pretty good production and yards per catch this year, but he’s tied for #21 in the conference in receptions (30) and #17 in receiving yards. He’s #12 in yards per catch (14.9) and tied for #6 in touchdown receptions (7). The sheer volume for DPJ and other Michigan WRs is just going to be limited.

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