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      Post Florida:
      Lets talk about the Good:
      DEFENSE is GREAT! We knew this and will keep Michigan in all of its games even IF it also has to play the game wrestling against Michigan’s own Offense. Pretty much had an idea that FraNKS wouldn’t last the game and all Zaire would do was roll & run for his life. I perceived that It was going to be difficult for Fla’s offense to score anything on this Defense. This part of the game went exactly as I my intuition saw it.

      Nordin earned his Skolly! He proved Mich is a threat to score from
      the opponents 35 yrd line………there will be no pooch punts.

      Michigan ran the ball consistently UP THE MIDDLEish!! Unlike their DE’s, Fla’s DT’s are not elite – average at best and I expected Mich to pound them and they did. Go Evans & Ty!!!


      Movin on………
      The refs have wrinkles to iron out too in the first game as they stole a TD from the Wolverines – costing them 4 points. Other than this, it was a fairly well called game. (I couldn’t believe how docile Harbaugh appeared on this)

      6 field goal attempts? The Offense has got to get the ball in the end zone. Was this coach’s play calling in that they knew Fla was never going to score on Mich’s defense or Offensive execution ineptitude? Combination of both?
      At some point in the season Mich will need to score Td’s. (Think at Indiana & Penn St. here.)

      Mich had a pretty good run game production against a very good defense. A sign of good things to come?

      I would like to ask Harbaugh what he said to Sp8 at haftyme. Mich threw more 2nd haf than first haf but I think this was because of a 1st haf reaction to the pik 12. Mich didn’t need a passing attack to win this game…….

      Michigan Bad Karma point of the Game: The wheels fell off in the 2nd qwarter after fuking Perry spins the ball for a 15 yard penalty after catching it for a 1st down…….
      Is this punk ever going to attain some willful discipline vs his stupid reaction emotionalism? After what he’s been thru he was the last player I expected to be an on the field idiot. GROW (the fuk) UP GRANT!!

      OK enuff for now.. I haven’t had breakfast yet and I’m going to eat.

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      Post Cincinnati:
      Given the last 10ish years of Michigan football, never thought I’ld feel so bad after a 36-14 victory……… Last weeks game was not as close as the score indicated and this one seemed to be ALOT closer than what the score indicated.

      Too close: If not for the Cincy QB doing his Sp8 impression by throwing a pik12 and also missing 2 wide open receivers that would’ve scored…….??

      Seasoon Michigan TD’s: Offense 4; Defense 3;

      Blah, blah, blah:
      I’ve thrown all of my preseason opinions about this team away and I’m going to leave it as a Harbaugh Work in Progress. They say a Team improves the most between game 1 and game 2……….?

      Speaking of Improvemeent; MOST improved player from last week to this:
      Grant Perry. Yes! I came down very hard on him last week but this week he played like a Michigan Man. His first catch of the game he doesn’t lay the ball on the ground, little lone spin it; but gets up with BOTH! hands on the ball lookinng around for a ref to HAND it to – no punk manner at all – he played and behaved like a professional. This behavior continued throughout the game on all of his catches as well as when he took over return duties for a seemingly ‘lost’ DPJ……

      Given the way SP8’s play has been in his last 6 games; I think there will be no gr8 improvment from year 1 to year 2 as has happened with Harbaugh’s other qb’s. Without going into detail, I’m thinking the guy has plateaued and (like Barrett at OSU) he is what he is. He’s the best qb Michigan has, tho, and thats It and that’s That. Deal with it.

      The running game had flashes of goodness but, for whatever reason or lack thereof, this offense is still having problems getting the ball in the endzone.

      The Defense too despite the pik 12 seemed ‘lost’ at times againt a marginal offense.

      Chalk it up to being ‘young & inexperienced’ I guess and as Harbaugh has said; You learn Football by playing Football.
      Color me Moved On to Air Force………..INTJohn

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      Post Air Force:

      I must confess I did not watch this game. It was just toooo nice of a late summer day to spend a Saturday afternoon glued to a screen watching football so, instead, I spent the afternoon at Pere Marquette Beach on Lake Michigan (Muskegon) listenning to B & D call the game via radio……..

      Since it was Miliatry Appreciation Day and the Falcons are my third fav team I wasn’t really looking forward to the Wolverines giving them a 49 – 13 whoopin and well………

      I’m glad that Harbaugh & Co ran the score DOWN to 29-13 by not letting the offense score 5 more touchdowns and hence 20 more points but risking a Nordin hammy pull by kiking all those field goals……..

      I’ll never forget the extremely Sarcastic send off by Dierdorf when the First half ended referring to Michigan’s performence: “THAT’S JUST (fuking) GREAT!!”
      No Dan didn’t drop an F bomb over the air but I still heard one!

      Moving on to Purdue……..INTJohn

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      Post Purdue:

      Michigan wins 28-10 in sweltering heat on the road against a good team by scoring Touchdowns!!
      O’Korn fills in for an injured Sp8 and QB’s the Wolverines to its 4 touchdowns. No doubt this fuels an already simmerring quarterback controversey which I’ll stay out of as we all know the Coaches are paid millions to know whats best for this team.

      Offense looked sluggish at times as it has all season.
      Defense was very good but torched again on tunnel screen.
      This Team to me still hasn’t proven itself to be a Top 10 team.

      (Like last week I did not watch this game live because I’m first and foremost a Beach Bum and this record setting heat had me at the beach listenning to B & D via radio)

      Two weeks then here comes Sparty (Who received an evening Irish ass whooppin at home.)

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      Pre MSU:

      Ok its Sat nite not Sunday AM but shi its a bye week and here tiz……

      I expect Michigan to defeat Sparty ina week and m looking forward to that but I must confess I have some vividly fond memories of MSU football. Back in the day yes ‘a long long time ago’ The very first football game I ever saw LIVE, in person, in a university football stadium was in East Lansing.

      It was 1967 and the game was Purdue vs Michigan State. I was so young really as to not even be able to appreciate what I was witnessing. Literally 2 of the best university Teams of all time. This was the MSU team that several weeks later would play Notre Dame to the “Game of the Century” 10-10 tie and a Purdue team that would go on to suffer only 2 losses that season – to MSU & Notre Dame – and defeat USC in the Rose Bowl.

      Those 2 Teams; think of it – for MSU Clint Jones, Gene Washington, Bubba FUKING! Smith – are you kidding me!! And for the Boilermakers – Bob Greise, Leroy Keyes etc ARE YOU FUKING Kidding me!!??? MSU would win 41 – 21 or there abouts.

      How was I able to be a part to witness to experience this at such a young age?
      Someone had paid to truck a bus load of orphans, homeless & abandoned boys from West Michigan to East Lansing to be able to experience such a kool event. I was one of those boys.

      I really don’t remember much of anything about the game itself. But i remember the stadium and so many people – I didn’t know there were even that many people in the whole world as I had always been so alone……..
      I remember every time MSU scored that the people would throw toilet paper rolls , so they unfurled and they would drape all over the end zone and people would run out and pik it all up……
      …….and I remember when the Notre Dame score was announced over the speakers that the entire stadium BOOOOED incessantly and I was very confused as to why they booed Notre Dame because I had seen the movies about Knute Rockne and win 1 for the gipper and just thought it was given that Notre Dame was sacred……

      It left my young brain very confused…….

      But the thing I remember most and has always been with me my entire life was that MSU had a kicker who kicked the football barefoot…… yes!! BARE fuking Foot! I remember thinking gawd how can that NOT hurt? How does he kik that ball barefoot and it not hurt? How does anybody do that? Kikoffs & xtra points – kikt em barefoot. How does that not hurt?

      I spent the entire game never saying anything or reacting to anything just taking it all in with saucer eyes, open mouth and a brain that couldn’t comprehend……..

      Who would truck a bus load of Peter Pan’s Lost Boys to a major university game today? Anyone? Is there any1?


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      Pre MSU:
      Part 2 – hey its rivalry week coming off a bye. Time to unload;

      to unload on the MSU Spartan Statue – if that’s what they want to call it. What an abomination that thing is as it doesn’t resemble any ancient Spartan Warrior whatsoever. In fact it looks more similar to the reprehensible Arno Brekker Aryan statues that he sculpted for Hitlers Third Reich Nazi depictions of its ‘Master Race’.

      I think even the Ancient Spartans themselves would find the thing as nothing short of a supreme insult. The Warriors of ancient Sparta prided themselves in Battle with it well known in their culture and bond that no Spartan Warrior would return from Battle without thier shield.
      “You will return from battle either carrying your shield or lying dead upon it.” This was the words an Ancient Spartan fought by.
      To not have ones shield meant they dropped it and ran from the field; indicative to any Spartan of being an act of supreme cowardice…….

      Look at that thing that MSU erected as a monument indicative of a Spartan – it carries no shield; no sword and carries its helmet in the hand. It depicts nothing but cowardice; Its revolting – and I can’t imagine who on that campus approved such a thing as representative of the name they’ve chosen for their athletic teams.
      Any citizen of Ancient Sparta would destroy the thing not applaud it and any modern citizen should abhor it as something more akin & similar to the work of Arno Brekker.

      As I See It………..INTJohn

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      Post MSU:
      Michigan 10 – MSU More than 10.
      I was so looking forward to watching this game – talk about losing ugly on so many levels & I don’t even know where to begin. Its too easy to say too many turnovers and seriously; I did lose count – 5 anyway maybe 6? 7? I lost count.

      And couldn’t move the ball to where Nordin could kik a field goal little lone score a TD. This game was just terrible. I’ll leave it at that. Hats off to MSU and Dantonio as they came into the Big House and did what they had to do to get the W.

      I’ve said a couple times that Michigan wasn’t a top 10 team and now everyone should know it. This defense is championship caliber but this offense now into its third season under Harbaugh is simply pathetic. No growth, no improvement, if anything regression and I’m not going to rag on any of the players at this point in season. This is on the Offensive Coaching staff including Harbaugh. Dantonio out coached Harbaugh & Co.

      I’ll hope for improvement on the Offense and support this Team but after this season is over; The Harbaugh Mystic that so many Michigan fans have embraced will be seen as The Emperor has no clothes……..

      As I see it………..INTJohn

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      We need a WRs coach and Drevno needs to be fired. Simple as that.

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      Post Hoosierville

      How the hell does this team rush for 270 yards; have NO TURNOVERS and in fact be +2 in to’s for this game and still almost loose to INdianda?

      Thafuk………well itsa win. This Team is not a top 25 team.
      This defense is so there!! Buh ware the Rez uv iah ? Doh no?

      Mid season 5-1 I’ll take it Tho thawt they’d b 6-0.

      2nd haf will be brutal!

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      All those penalties sure didn’t help. And our offense was one dimensional, 58 yards passing?

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      Post Penn State:

      PSU 42 Michigan 13

      This game went pretty much as anticipated and I have nothing really to elaborate on. Michigan got beat by a flat out much better team. Kudos to Coach Franklin & PSU & hope they beat OSU & MSU.

      Bring on Rutgers!

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      Pre Rutgers:

      Couple years back I stroll into one of my beach haunts near Mission Bay in San Diego. It was mid afternoon – not to busy and I was craving a cold dark beer.

      When I walk in here’s this rather attractive gal – dishwater blonde late 20’s maybe 30ish with a triathlon body sitting in ‘my spot’ at the bar. Conversation was initiated easily as we were both left handed.

      I assumed she was a grad student at one of the 3 universites that surround the Mission Bay Area but no! She tells me she graduated from Rutgers of all places. “So, ah how’d what brought you to San Diego?” I asked.

      I’m a Marine Corps officer – she says.
      Really! Says me What do you do in the Marines?
      “I’m a fighter pilot; I fly an F-18 out of Miramar” she says.

      WHOA HOh! I’m thinkin. This is one Bad Ass bitch!
      Hmmmm dishwater blonde, athletic, sexy, well educated and a Marine fighter pilot! Thats as Bad Ass Bitch as Bad Ass Bitches come!
      And I said something like that to her – as the supreme compliment.

      I said to her you know even tho we’re a generation and 2 wars apart we’re forever linked. Oh yeah – she says “how’s that?”
      I let her know that I’m a former Air Force Pararescue man – a PJ – and that I spent 30 months in SE Asia back in the day working out of Thailand into Laos and Cambodia…….

      Now every pilot thats flown in combat in the US military knows about PJ’s and what we do and in typical fighter pilot response she says to the bartender – get this guy a beer on me.

      We had a couple drinks and traded war stories and a few days later partied with her & a couple of her girlfriends who are Marine attack helicopter pilots. We’ve stayed in touch and whenever the 2 of us are in San Diego at the same time we always get together for a couple drinks and trade war stories……..

      What does any of this have to do with football you might be asking? Nothing really but then niether does Rutgers.


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      Post Rutgers:

      Wolverines 35 Rutgers 14

      The euphoria is over the top for Michigan fans with the appearance of Brandon Peters taking over at QB in the 2nd quarter. O’Korn flat out was playing terrible and Peters in relief lead the Wolverines the rest of the way. It was time to get this guy some playing time.

      The Harbaugh era has begun now at Michigan. Writers are calling this game the beginning of the ‘Peters Era’ but no this is the beginning of the Harbaugh Era. 2017 is the last of the Transition years at Michigan from the Dark ages and at every team Harbaugh has coached once he has gone to His recruited/drafted QB Harbs has never looked back. Expect Peters and/or McCaff(2018) to lead this team from now on……..

      Michigan still needs to learn to beat its rivals consistently and Harbaugh has yet to win any kind of FBS level championship but the Dawn of the New & Resurrected Michigan has finally occured.
      As I See It………..INTJohn

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      Post Minnesota:

      Mich 33 Go4s 10

      Wolverines keep the LBJ. When I was a kid LBJ also meant President Lyndon Baines Johnson and seems like its been that long since I’ve seen such a combined running & defensive showing by a Michigan team.

      As I watched this game it reminded me of the first game I ever saw at the Big House: Michigan 35 Northwestern 0 ’83 I think. Against Minnesoata last night the Wolverines looked like a Bo team of yore. It was Good, it was refreshing, it was also at times BORING!

      The time I knew Harbaugh would have Michigan back to the future would be when it was boring to watch them beat mediocre teams. That moment arrived last night and it was awesome;

      I enjoyed watching this game; finally no drama, no emotional turmoil; no WTF moments just a good clean expected old fashioned thrashing of an opponent.

      On to Maryland………..INTJohn

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      Post Maryland:

      Oh man, did the refs forget that the game had started and they’ve forgetton what pass interference is? There’s my rant on that.

      This game is the final ‘preseason’ warmup for the New Michigan Offense that is lead by Peters. It went well and was sort of a carbon copy of last weex Go4s game except it was on the road making it a lil more degree of difficulty. What happened is what should have happened and very expected.

      Biggest bitch for me of this game was Wolverines looked flat footed & uninterested after half time and The Turps won the 3rd qwarter. All in all a satisfying road win tho and thats what counts.

      I’m still not ready to put this team into the Top 25. 8-2 with victories against noone with a winning record and losses to those who do says that Michigan is at best a ‘B’ Team; prally more like B-. They get thier opportunity for Harbaugh’s first signature win this week in Madison and that will get them into the 25.

      Onward to Wisconsin…………INTJohn

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      Post Wisky:
      Michigan-10 Wisky- More than 10

      Yes, I have a hangover. Thats what too much bad wisky gives you. Michigan could have won this game IF:
      1- They won the turnover ratio……….they didn’t
      2- They had a big play on special teams……they didn’t
      (Just the opposite as they gave up a td punt return)
      3- They hit a cupl deep throws – well they kind of did do this.

      But 1ish out of 3 ain’t gunna get it done. On top of that the refs stole points once again from the Wolverines but we should be used to this by now as its been going on for decades.

      The big event in this game was not that Michigan lost the game but that they lost another quarterback. Peters getting creamed like Wisconsin cheese is not a good sign. He’s taken some hellacious shots in all of the games he’s started and it finally caught up to Michigan.

      Maybe this is Y JOK isn’t any good? Maybe JOK has a better survival instinct as he’s the only starting QB under Harbs at Michigan who has yet to survive. Maybe JOK as a human being is a lot smarter and gifted than any of us give him credit4?

      Harbaugh better figure out how to keep his QB’s uprite and healthy or if I’m the parent of a blue chip high school qb; I’m thinking; Son, you’re not going to sign with Harbaugh.

      Finally!!!! Bring ON The Buckeyes!!!

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      Pre OSU:

      Well here’s The Game we’ve been waiting for.

      Up until last weex injury to Peter’s I was fairly optimistic about an upset here but until we see who plays QB for Michigan none of us can have any idea what will happen in this game – even with Peters.

      I’ve read some stuff on JOK this week about his off the field Humanatarian efforts, etc which is what being a Human Being is about, etc; however Ghandi & Mother Theresa were great Humanitarians as well but I don’t really want to see either playing QB for Michigan against Ohio St.

      Soooo where does this leave us?
      Michigan can win this game IF they first don’t turn the ball over;
      Make some plays leading to points on Special teams & defense; OSU must make some mistakes.

      If OSU plays their A game Michigan won’t win no matter what; BUT & its a more than feasible But! That OSU may make some mistakes. If OSU plays like they did agaisnt Indiana, Oklahoma, Iowa and 3 quarters against PSU; the Buckeyes are VERY beatable. Make no mistake about that.

      Barret has shown he’ll often turn the ball over and miss easy throws; OSU’s special Teams has played horribly at times this season – this Buckeye team can be ‘had’ by Michigan.

      Michigan must play mostly mistake free – make a big play early to get the 115,000 peeps into it; defense can rattle Barret – he’ll eff up; its happened before; make it happen again.

      I’m not with the doom & gloomers: The Buckeyes can B Beaten in The Big House!
      Go Blue!…………….INTJohn

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      Post OSU:

      Michigan 20 OSU 31

      I had good intentions of watching The Game at The Backyard Kitchen in Pacific Beach which is the new Michigan hangout in San Diego; replacing Johnny V’s which was the fill in after PB Bar & Grill closed. PB B&G had gotten kinda decriped and needed to be torn down but Johnny V’s never grabbed ahold of me – seemed more like a place from the set of an old Miami Vice re-run……. The BK is a great place morning, noon & nighty nite nite! And as long as the Michigan Tom Brady fans get past the Denver Broncos fans there shouldn’t be to much of a clash. Haha

      Anyway I didn’t make it. Ended up partying at Ocean Beach Friday Eve and that’s where I woke up. Ordered breakfast at the newly opened OB Surf Lodge (below Wonderland) in time for kikoff and thats where I viewed The Game.

      Was enticing & uplifting for a quarter with the 14-0 lead BUT then OSU drove making it 14-7; 2nd Q. Breakfast was over and I thought if Michigan hangs on GREAT! But if they don’t; well I don’t want to watch another disappointment after a 2 td lead……..

      So I left and hung out at the main beach South of The Dog B; taking in the sights, surf & the gals playing v-ball but checking in on how Michigan was doing periodically on my phone; and seeing that OSU was slowly & methodically taking over the score. After the 1st Q, it was OSU 31 Michigan 6 which is kind of how most of the powers that be were forecasting this game would go including Thunder.

      This season was annoying at times:
      The offensive struggles with not scoring td’s especially so but the biggest disappointment for me was the loss to MSU and that loss alone marks 2017 as ‘disappointing’. Michigan is being slated possibly for the Holiday Bowl here in SD but I’ll try to catch it at The Backyard as I’ve gotten to the age where stadium crowds are tooooooo much for me.

      Go Blue………….INTJohn

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      Post Out Back Bowl:

      Michigan 19 South Carolina More than 19………

      Michigan definately played like they were ‘out back’……
      The first half of this game was a pathetic display of offensive football as Wolverine offenses generally have been all season; but in this game especially so. The punting game too was horrible – kiking & receiving. But the worst was yet to come in the 2nd half.

      The 2nd haf was a disaster – after coming out at half time and making a great TD drive to extend their lead, the Wolverines then committed 5 yes! FIVE turnovers 2 inside the Gamecock’s 10 yard line to blow a 16 point lead and lose this game……..

      2017 with an 8-5 record is thankfully finished – a season that most hoped would see Harbaugh lead the Wolverines in Growth Desire & energy has been a major disappointment – especially on the Offensive side of the ball.

      I’ve been on record that the school is still out as to whether or not Jim Harbaugh can Build A Team! We’ll find out over these next 3 years; but at this point, I’m beginning to wonder if he & his offensive staff can even COACH ONE !!!!

      As I See It………..INTJohn

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