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      I was skeptical about all the hoopla re Shea Patterson and the very optimistic predictions by many for the 2018 Wolverines. The ND game has confirmed this skepticism.

      First Michigan basically had an almost entire revamped Offensive Coaching staff and there was going to be some kind of a learning curve, not only between the new staff and current players but then also needing to integrate the arrival and play of QB Patterson into the fray……. and then melding the new offense into a cohesive unit. Takes time.

      After watching the ND game, 2018 for me is Harbaugh’s year to build this team into something that can actually compete for some kind of a title for 2019. Consider 2018 a ‘preseason season’ for the 2019 season and this needs to be Harbaugh’s focus.
      Everything pretty much aligns for Harbaugh & Michigan next year with Shea Paterson’s return for 2019:
      Everyone with a year’s experience with the new staff. Patterson settled in at QB comfortable and hopefully healthy; experienced backups in Peters & McCaf.
      The schedule sets up with MSU, OSU & ND at home. PSU will no longer have Mc Sorely and tho the opening conference game is at Wisconsin in Madison; that game is coming after a by week – Michigan will have 2 weex to prepare for them after tune up games with a couple cupcakes.

      2019 is the year Harbaugh has to go ‘all in’ and thro the entire pile of chips into the pot. If Harbaugh can’t get some kind of a title in 2019 I don’t know if it will ever occur.
      For 2018, my cry is “Wait till next year!”
      As I See IT………….INTJohn

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      I think this team can get to 10 wins. By game four, this offense is going to look much more cohesive than what showed up at ND. All the weapons are there. Tackles not as bad as MGOBLOG wants to make them out to be. This reminds me a lot of year one under Harbaugh, where a transfer QB has to get his legs under him a bit and then starts to shine. Tough game one for a unit making this kind of transition.

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      The big difference between year 1 and now is that Rudock was an NFL caliber 5th year who had seen 4 years of expereince & coaching under a hall of fame coach in Ferentz and Patterson is a beginnnig Jr, coming off a significant injury having been ‘coached’ for 2 yrs by Hugh Freeze??

      I think 9-3 with a bowl victory would have to be considered very successful season at this point – hell I would like to see them get 14! But I think 8-4 is about the best they can do given the tuff road games ahead. If they Learn & grow this season then next year in 2019 could be the year Harbaugh has it all together.


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      To me, Ruddock with only a little time in the system and Patterson with a whole spring are about a wash. Week one results would favor Patterson as I think Ruddock threw 3 INTs in that Utah game.

      By Nebraska, this team will be as good as Ruddock’s was in year one (barring significant injury). By the end of the year, this may well be a very good offense. Skill positions on this team are going to be better than on that one.

      I think both MSU and Wisconsin are beatable. We shall see.

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      Yeah, I’m not going to live in the past regarding total hypotheticals of Game 1 ’18 vs Game 1 ’15. Prefer to be futuristic! Hence Wait ’till next year!

      Sure Wisky & MSU are beatable. Every team is. Wisky is very strong and will be very hard to win, especially since it looks like Hornibrook has matured to where he’s cut down on his int’s. Wisky’ line is dominant, very experienced and very familiar with the Wolverine defense. Their running back might be awarded the Heisman & their passing attack is right there. Defensively they complement the Offense very well – complete Team is Wisky.

      MSU is another story – Dantonio just seems to have Michigan’s #; snake bit; and his teams never awe you; they just beat you. And its not just Michigan, its PSU, its OSU, etc. The Spartans don’t awe you, they just beat you. Almost similar to Iowa who gives everyone fits at home, too…..

      Also, don’t sell Northwestern & Thorson short – impressive game 1 win by them at Purdue and Maryland looked good, too against Texas with no head coach. Michigan could trip up on either of these games if they’re not bringing the A game.

      Michigan fans need to be content with 8-4 anything past that is gravee and again; Wait ‘Till Next Year’.
      As I See It……….INTJohn

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      I have to say after reading Mgoblog’s analysis next year looks bleak.

      We lose our best player on the O-line and out best running back (only above average players on our offense). There is not a lot else on offense to get excited about aside from a recruiting ranking. Certainly nothing about actual performance.

      On defense we lose our entire line, our best line backer, Hudson might leave as well, definitely one possibly two or 3 db’s and our best safety. Good god… next years defence might be entirely bad.

      Next year has possibly already turned into the year after that or the year after that or whatever the next coach can put together.

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      I’m bullish on the Wolverines for ’19 and haven’t discounted them for ’18 perse’. Just got weary of all the preseason hype around Michigan like none of the other teams haven’t improved and just remained static. Trying to be objective and live in the real world.
      I never bought into the Patterson hype & still don’t. I think Harbaugh has a lot of unlearning to do with him from whatever not great coaching at Miss with Freeze, before Jimmy can start coaching him forward. At this point, I can’t see Patterson ready for the NFL after this season……

      The OL? I don’t know if Bredeson is leaving or not – I’m not in his loop. Ruiz will have his shit together by next year and the rest of that ’16 & ’17 OL class I’ll trust Warriner can mold them into something descent. TE’s & WR’s will be massive weapons and a RB will emerge from somewhere even if it seems an apparition.
      There’s my take on the offense for ’19.

      Defence is almost at plug & play; I’ll trust Brown, Mattison & Zoro to do an ibid…….

      Special Teams? another year of Maturity, I’m confident.

      Not a great fan of MGoblog. I only lurk there. Front page stuff sometimes isn’t bad if you can wade thru the cutesy pedantry but the forum posts generally degenerate rapidly. Remember; that which is for the Masses requires the Masses.

      Go to credible rival sources for opinions – they are out there. In other words MSU, OSU, PSU, ND sources who live in the real world; read their takes on Michigan and sorta average it all together. What shakes out is usually pretty spot on.

      Jus sayin & wait till next year……INTJohn

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