MLive: Enos to be WR coach, Washington to coach LB/ST

MLive: Enos to be WR coach, Washington to coach LB/ST

January 10, 2018

Dan Enos has been given the title of wide receivers coach (LINK), and Al Washington is going to coach linebackers and special teams (LINK). Enos will make $150,000 as WR coach, and Washington will make $350,000. That’s rather significant. Why?

Enos is more experienced and has a longer track record than Washington, yet he’s making $200,000 less. That tells me that Enos is in line to get bumped up to a coordinator gig (whether it’s offensive coordinator, run game coordinator, or passing game coordinator). Furthermore, Washington’s position means Chris Partridge is either headed out of town or he’ll be coaching safeties, since he was coaching linebackers and special teams.

Furthermore, I had speculated earlier that analyst Scott Turner would be headed for the wide receiver job, but he’s now reported to be destined for the Carolina Panthers.

I would be very surprised if Tim Drevno and Pep Hamilton are retained. One of them is bound to leave, most likely Hamilton.

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    Jan 11, 2018 at 8:28 AM

    I read somewhere that Ark owes Enos approx 500,000$/yr and is paying him that. What Mich pays him is subtracted………

    So he’s really not making 200,000$ less. Mich at this point simply is not paying his entire salary.

    USA Today I think from a few days ago but I’m sure its public record stuff if 1 wanted to check ARK payroll – which I don’t.

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