MLive: Michigan to hire former Florida head coach Jim McElwain

MLive: Michigan to hire former Florida head coach Jim McElwain

February 15, 2018


  1. JC
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    Feb 15, 2018 at 12:37 PM

    I like this move.

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    Feb 15, 2018 at 3:09 PM

    I’ll hold judgement on this hire and thats not meant to have a negative note to it but rather a literal ‘I’m sitting on the fence’, with a wait & see to it.

    Harbaugh is in desperate need of his ‘David Shaw’ here at Michigan. In his first 3 years at Michigan Harbs has been unable to find ‘him’. That guy who can be pass coord, a wr coach, the QB coach, an OC; the guy who literally Harbs can entrust the Offense to like he did David Shaw to run the thing for him at Stanford while he took care of all the other HC duties & responsibilities.
    ………and of course Shaw knew the inner workings of the Stanford Athletic environ as well, which is MUCH different than almost every other FBS program.
    Harbaugh has, I think, been lost while here at Michigan without that guy who can coach the day to day nuts & bolts items of the team while he – Harbaugh – attends to all the other stuff the HC needs to attend to. This is an indication – if true – that Harbaugh really is not the ‘great HC’ that Michigan thought they were getting.
    His Defensive staff – Mattison, Durkin saved him on Defense; and an extremely intelligent and previously well Ferentz coached QB transfer in Ruddock teamed with Fisch saved him his first year while here at Michigan.

    I’ve noted his inability to recruit enough OL’s in that very large 2016 class but I’ve also wondered if Harbaugh expected Wheatley to switch to OT but Wheat jr refused it……… Maybe some1 else can comment on this.

    The arrival of Don Brown to team with Mattison has maintained the great Defensive continuity that is the only successful attribute of Harbs last 2 seasons here. Offense has regressed – I’ve read some refer to 2017 as ‘a rebuild’ year and I disagree with this. 2018 is the ‘rebuild’ year – 2017 was offensively a complete regression. I’m not talking about W’s & L’s either. The record is not the point – its the play of the Offensive product that took the field. Too many to’s, too many field goals – even in victory against mediocre competition little lone whate’er it was we witnessed in the bowl game…… and now going into Harbaugh’s 4th year there should be a better product in terms of ‘on the field play’ thats indicative of a tough, well coached offensive unit.

    I’m aware of some of Harb’s off field personal social life issues: Heart & hip ailments & pains, wife’s pregnancy/ birth, a son’s ‘coming out’, maybe more that no1 knows about because well thats why its called personal…….

    How much any of this factored in I won’t even begin to try and measure but it is an indication that without someone like a David Shaw to literally manage the nuts & bolts of Michigan’s Offense I think Harbaugh maybe in over his head. I’m still on record that Harbaugh has yet to show me he can build a Team – whether McElwain is ‘that guy’ remains to be seen. Lets hope so – that he’ll be able to get this Offense going for 2018 and hopefully have it running on all cylinders for 2019.
    2018 is going to be brutal for Michigan even with a good offense; without one 2018 could well be a disaster.
    As I See It………….INTJohn

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