MLive: Michigan players explain what went wrong in 1st quarter

MLive: Michigan players explain what went wrong in 1st quarter

October 1, 2018

Michigan players talk about why they got off to such a sluggish start against Northwestern (LINK).

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    Oct 02, 2018 at 4:12 AM

    Why were they outplayed. Let’s see. Because UM isn’t that great defensively and the reasons the changes worked is because Northwestern is limited and didn’t have the talent to counter. It was more of a Northwestern thing and less a UM became dominant thing.

    The other reason, UM just isn’t that good offensively. See ND. Pretty straightforward if you ask me. UM struggled because they were playing a peer level program. It was a competitive game. Just imagine if Larkin was still playing. UM would be discussing why they lost.

    The reality of UM football is that it is still a middle of the road team. Let’s ask the obvious question. When is the last time UM has beaten an above average team that was at full strength? Wisconsin or MSU a couple of years back?

    Not to be overly pessimistic but I just need to see the proof in the pudding first otherwise it’s the same ole same ole. If I just 30% from the field over the last 15 games against quality defenses then I can’t really use the excuse, well I had an off shooting day.

    I have heard this explanation now for 3 years with different qb’s. After awhile it doesn’t mean it’s a trend, it means it’s the norm. Does Northwestern get to say, we will beat UM next year in football?

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