MLive: What an NCAA ruling means for Shea Patterson

MLive: What an NCAA ruling means for Shea Patterson

April 10, 2018

Aaron McMann discusses what it might mean to get an NCAA ruling (LINK).

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    Apr 11, 2018 at 12:29 AM

    OK fun topik; and yes I’m going to go fun eh tik…………
    (But I’ll like post my non korrekt spelling bitch that is rationally justified by the science of Philology later – do any of you even know what Philology is?).

    Look it Shea Patterson pikt his poison. He decided 2 run 2 mishigun. Its not what it means 2 him its what it means 2 mishigun……….

    I originally wasn’t about bringing him n at all but hay! Now thats he’s heer I’m all a go go bekawze its well a teem thing ya no?! And he’z on the teem! So support – ya no like JOK wurl. Jez sayin.

    Will Shea boi b eljabl 4 18? Ok f he iz dah gess he plays! Suppose a 1 n dun! Which e’ery1 on bb is always bitchin bowt 1 n dun but f its futbawl n its mishigun then 1 n dun iz ok? Gess? Jes sayin……..

    I’m gessin that IF Shay boi is elgibl then for 18 tiz him on the all year start less injurd with Mac n free on the 1 bakup not to b kunfuzd – k?

    Where duz dat leev Peters? Prolly on a Malzone ticket past kawz MKaffeen will get a nod to future future kawz Peters b dah gost of future past………

    So 4 ’19 Peters trans4z………..

    Shay b gone n MKAffeen b starter or Milton? Well thaz ’19.
    Bak 2 ’18…. f shay boi not eljabl – maybe MKaffeen still starts? Over peters so again he gone 4 ’19(Peters)……..

    Battle major leeg for ’19 then but either way Peter’s gone – transfer with 2 yrz eljibl sumware else? Mayb or prolly?

    Its a fun take. Either way or maybe sideways mishigun lives with its defense!

    Its simple brain melting tex speek and……
    Go Blue………….intjohn

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      Apr 11, 2018 at 10:43 AM

      Whoa, I generally enjoy your comments as solid banter on this board. This one was out there though……but interesting in some ways.

      I’m curious why you think Peters is going to transfer no matter what happens. I keep hearing chatter about McCaffrey and I hope he’s a great player, but until I see anything I’m not buying. Further, I think Peters looked good/solid when he started, even against Wisconsin.

      Also, what do you mean

      “Its a fun take. Either way or maybe sideways mishigun lives with its defense!”

      I’m no melting tex speek expert, but I take that as MI lives/dies by it’s defense. Which I then take as you think the offense will be blah…….maybe I’m just off.

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