Nightly Roundup: January 21, 2019

Nightly Roundup: January 21, 2019

January 21, 2019

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Florida State did a dumb thing and used Martin Luther King, Jr. wearing a Nike glove in their recruiting efforts (LINK).

Richard Deitsch talked to Tony Romo, who was the biggest winner of conference championship weekend, and who earned the gig of announcing the Super Bowl for CBS (LINK).

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I can’t figure out whether I like Baker Mayfield or not (or whether I simply don’t care), but this is still a pretty funny video with the forgotten Manning brother:

MLive talks about Karan Higdon and Khari Willis trying to improve their draft stock at the Senior Bowl (LINK).


I’ve seen a lot of tweets like the one above, but my thoughts are: Part of playing football is playing defense. I go back to the idea of player safety, and it seems hypocritical to me to ask for more player safety but then ask for players to play more snaps in highly contested games. One drive, and the game was over. College games that go to 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 overtimes don’t indicate to me that it’s good for the players. It’s the same reason I’m not a fan of expanding the playoffs to 8 or 12 or 16 teams.


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    Jan 21, 2019 at 11:12 PM

    Sooo for discussion purposes……….

    Since playing defense is part of football lets have overtimes only 1 possession then. IF the team who gets the ball scores; then they win BUT! IF the team playing defense stops them – keeps them, scoreless then that team; the team playing defense wins…….. I would be for that since you’re on the topic of playing defense.

    AND since we’re talking about ‘player safety’ and kickoff returns have already been all but destroyed as a viable part of the game; lets make ALL football games one possession; as long as we’re talking about playing defense too;
    The team that possesses the football IF they score they win; if not – if the defense stops them then the team on defense wins. That will solve game time length, reduce player injuries, as well as solve any overtime issues……….


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    Jan 22, 2019 at 12:02 AM

    ……….Aaand Florida State has been doing a lot of dumb things lately; Taggart (aka ‘Harbaugh jr the third)has not impressed so far. I’m thinking maybe he’s got 3 years max in which to beat Miami, Clemson, Fla & Notre Dame all in the same season otherwise he’s gone………
    (Like Michigan they’ve become a basketball skool)………..INTjohn

  3. Lanknows
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    Jan 22, 2019 at 12:35 AM

    1 NFL drive might have more plays than 3 college OTs, and kickoffs are supposedly the most dangerous plays of all. College OT seems more fair, more entertaining and safer.

    That said, I’d change 2 things.

    1 – they shouldn’t count like regulation stats — these aren’t TDs they’re OT conversions.

    2 – bring back ties. If 4 Qs plus 4 OTs still can’t decide things just call it a tie already (playoff games excepted).

    Bonus – OT games should be an explicit demerit in the eyes of the playoff committee. An OT win should be seen as less than a regulation W.

  4. UM_1973
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    Jan 22, 2019 at 1:49 AM

    Regarding Overtime, this is my two-cents worth.

    I agree that (1) To reduce playing time, we do not want an extended Overtime Period (2) We want a fair outcome where luck is minimized (winning the game should not be dependent on winning a coin toss).

    This is my suggestion:

    Sudden Death 2-point conversions. Just like penalty kicks in soccer but this time using 2-point conversions. But instead of 5 kicks, we go straight to sudden death. Each team takes turn doing 2-point conversions. The first time one team succeeds and another team fails, game is over. This way, both teams get equal chance on both offense and defense. And it should not extend the game by a long time. 1 possession per team per round. Longest overtime game in college is 7 rounds. 7 additional possessions in OT is very manageable.

    • Lanknows
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      Jan 22, 2019 at 11:11 AM

      Reducing OT down to a single play for each side amounts to head-to-head coin flipping. A good team might convert 50% of the time while a bad team would do it 40%. Leaves it up to luck more than either current college or NFL system.

      But it is safer for sure.

      Maybe just skip OT altogether unless it’s a playoff or conference championship game.

      • UM_1973
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        Jan 22, 2019 at 11:53 AM

        OT is a toss-up in any case. If they want, we can even make it 3 2-point conversions per team before we go to sudden death. Reduce the luck factor a little. Sure beats one team not touching the ball.

        For regular season, I am in favor of eliminating ties altogether.

        • Lanknows
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          Jan 22, 2019 at 12:40 PM

          If you want to improve safety (via fewer plays) and you want to minimize luck – the tie achieves both better than any other alternative. If you’re absolutely against a tie (understandable) then you have to compromise on one or the other because you need volume (plays) to resolve randomness (luck).

          A best of 3 (or even 5 or 7 if you want to reduce the luck of it) of 2-point conversion series wouldn’t be a bad compromise. Still pretty random though. I’m not sure it’s actually much of an improvement on the current system.

          In my view – the randomness of OT is too significant of a factor to call it the same as a win or loss after 60 minutes of ‘real’ football. I’d rather just call it a tie, or at best give the team that wins in OT a half a win and the loser half a loss.

          That approach might have the bonus effect of making games more exciting if teams (especially contenders) are disinclined to ‘settle’ for overtime.

  5. GKblue
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    Jan 22, 2019 at 8:18 AM

    “Part of playing football is playing defense” – Thunder.
    I agree.

    I have no major problem with the NFL sudden death OT as it is, although I can see room for modification. Full disclosure I am a Brady/NE fan. If they had lost the coin toss and could not stop KS then give Mahomes and crew credit they deserved the win. Most of the country wouldn’t be bitching about heads or tails they would be singing the praises of the next generation.

    I wanted to see a NE/NO Super Bowl because the Brady vs Brees competition would have been fun for me. The team playing better defense and with less turnovers would have won. That’s the game.

    A LA vs KC game would have been fun also and I wouldn’t have had a dog in the fight. I could relax and admire the offenses and bitch about no defense I suppose. Earn me some serious heartburn.

    As far as play calling goes I think a PI should have been called against the LA defender. Make no mistake however, those types of bang bang plays happen all the time in the screen or short passing game and don’t get called.

    I have no sympathy for Reid complaining that the refs didn’t warn his DL they were offside. I do sympathize with them when the ref flagged the anticipation call of roughing the QB. That shot to Brady’s head was a wiff and damn but could they have called a no foul? picked the flag back up?

    I am mostly just glad that fan bases are passionate enough to keep this game alive! And that guys on blogs can put in their two cents (sorta like the old timers sitting outside the hardware store).

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    Jan 22, 2019 at 1:31 PM

    Something no 1 has put forth is a point system somewhat akin to hockey EXCEPT award 1 point if a team wins a quarter and the up to 3 points (winning 3 quarters) and the winner of the game gets 5 victory points. So at most the loser could be awarded 3 points – game winner gets 5 points. So say a team wins the first 3 quarters – they would have accumulated 3 points but then the other team comes from behind and wins the game in the 4th quarter. IF a quarter ends in a tie then neither team gets a point. These point totals can then be used to determine divisional winners as well as be incorporated into ‘tie breaker’ scenario.
    Also it would increase game strategy as well as fan interest ‘second guessing’ regarding a coaches decisions not during the game but for season ending point totals; say for example:
    If a game is tied nearing the end of the 1st quarter and the clock is running down; does a coach go for the field goal and the quarter 1 point for ‘winning’ the 1st quarter OR continue the series into the 2nd quarter in order to try for the touchdown…..
    Somewhat similar to a baseball manager’s decision to pinch hit for a starter in later innings of a tie game with a man on 2nd base or leave said starter in…..

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    Jan 22, 2019 at 1:34 PM

    Also; it provides incentive for a losing team to not quit on the game even tho they may trail 35-7 going into the 4th quarter as they could still gain a ‘standings point’ for winning the 4th quarter………

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    Jan 22, 2019 at 1:56 PM

    Might as well continue the venting;
    I think both the Saints & Chiefs got hosed and that they should play their own super bowl at Jerry’s House which is pretty much equidistant from both teams and then the winner can claim being the NFL Super Bowl Champ somewhat askin to UCF claiming the FBS National Championship cupl seasons back.

    Jus Sayin………..INTJohn

    P.S. And I’m completely done with rooting for New England solely because Tom Brady went to Michigan. This thinking & motivation is just flat crap from Michigan fans. Ted Kaczynski went to Michigan too but I sure as hell didn’t root for him. Did you?

    Jus Sayin More………INTJohn

    • Thunder
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      Jan 22, 2019 at 2:22 PM

      I think the Saints got hosed. The Chiefs not so much. The only truly bad call that I remember was the roughing the passer call against Chris Jones when he barely grazed Brady’s facemask. Otherwise, New England made plays when they needed to, and Kansas City didn’t. There were a couple questionable calls that went against New England, too, just like there are always some calls that could go either way.

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        Oh……I’m kinda with that 1. In general, To me If the QB’s helmet is still attached in 1 piece and said QB is still standing its not ruffing. Someone should throw a flag on the refs for “Coddling The Quarterback”.
        This opens up another rant – yeah yeah maybe I DOOoo have anger issues.
        These review plays by the officials should have a 1 minute time limit. If the ref can’t determine in 1 minute or less that there is ‘irrefutable’ ‘incontrovertible’; ‘indisputable’ (what ever the word in the ‘rules’ is) video evidence then the call as made on the filed should stand.

        4 krysakes! If the ref has to go over it 20 times 1 frame by frame from a gahzillion different angels, backwards, forwards & fuking sideways then that alone is evidence that there is no irrefutable, incontrovertible, indisputable – again what ever the effing word is – evidence! Get on with the game!
        Put me on the ‘Rules Committee’. PLeeeze?
        As I See IT………….INTJohn

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        Jan 22, 2019 at 4:21 PM

        Football’s inevitable conclusion:

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    Oh OK – one more then I’ll stfu (i should prolly jes start a thread on the message board – maybe later seeings as its basically off season) anyway so Sunday I’m strollin down Garnet at Pacific Beach to the local club/bar where I want to watch the game and of course EVERY BAR/CLUB is packed! The garage doors are all open and the sidewalks are packed! EVERYWHERE! DOUBLE PACKED – yes SRO even on the sidewalks! Outside the bars. (Can’t wait to see what the Super Bore will be like) This is significant considering that for about 2 miles on Garnet from the ocean practically every other door on both sides of the street is a bar!

    So anyway I show up at ‘my spot’ & the dudes workin the doors kinda know me and when they spotted me they gave me the wave that I could cut the crowd line and go in. I declined and politely waited my turn out of consideration for the multitudes that wanted ‘in’ so desperately.

    Anyway I finally go in and the crowd is a veritable potpourri of Rams/Saints/Chiefs/Brady jerseys……….. and Ashley (bartender) spots me and gets me a gin & tonik and then I start looking around wondering about what motivates a grown man – 20’s, 30’s, even in their 40’s & 50’s!! To wear a sports jersey with some players name on the back? A name That obviously isn’t their own? Do these manlets really have such an insignificant life & lack of self esteem that they need to wear some other man’s name on their back to have meaning & purpose? that they reject their OWN NAME & existence?

    Now I can kinda understand girls & grown women doing this and many in the crowd were wearing the jersey (again mostly ‘Brady’ maybe they have a ‘wish I was Giselle’ complex) . Well I didn’t spend to much time with it as the drink Ashley made was exceptionally good and I found myself getting pisst off at the officiating………..
    Thanx & now I’ll stfu………INTJohn

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