SB Nation: Bryce Love is probably outrunning your whole offense

SB Nation: Bryce Love is probably outrunning your whole offense

October 17, 2017

Here’s a look at Stanford’s rushing offense with Bryce Love (LINK).

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    Oct 17, 2017 at 10:28 PM

    This is awesome stuff but the one thing not mentioned in the link; and something in general no one addresses is that Stanford has very high intelligent peeps that play on their offense; in fact their entire team – top to bottom – not simply football OL Brawn but also Stanford Brain!

    And the most intelligent position group that plays in the NFL is the Offensive Lineman (many errantly presume its the QB position – not so!) So if ur a RAheeeely smart dude who also is RAHeeeely good at offensive line play, well Stanford will prally offer.

    Harbaugh had great success at Stanford because he was forced to recruit at not simply a Football Brawn level but also a Stanford Brain level and when it comes to building an Offensive Line Intelligence and raw Intellect are a must; David Shaw helped jimmy deal with this recruiting inconvenience.

    Harbaugh hasn’t recruited such types in his tenure at Michigan and his OL is proof of it but also other positions as well; having some recruits on essentially remedial scholastic trainning at a university like Michigan – never would happen at Stanford as such players never even would have been accepted to Stanford no matter how many ‘stars’ they have.

    Whats wrong with Michigan’s offense? Harbaugh is on record as saying he “won’t Barney down the playbook”………. maybe thats because he got spoiled at Stanford by having intelligent players who could actually grasp and apply it! Vs the evidently not so intelligent types he’s recruiting to Michigan. I think Jimmy boi does need to Barney it down so the remedial academics he’s recruiting can you know not only view the diagrams but also at least read the not Barney down version of the play book…… even if they can’t comprehend it!
    Ain’t Sayin; Jus Sayin…………….INTJohn

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    Oct 18, 2017 at 7:30 AM

    Last year the geniuses on Stanford’s offensive line went 100th in sacks allowed as the overall offense ranked 114 in Passing and only 35th Rushing with Bryce Love and the #8 pick in the NFL draft carrying the football. They ended their year ranked 85th in total offense.

    They lost only one guy off of that line.

    The answer lies elsewhere.

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    Oct 18, 2017 at 8:46 PM

    That was last year. You Michigan homers realy need to qwit living in the past.
    Obviously Stanford learned & progressed? From last year? Something intelligent peeps are prone to do rather than have an offense that still plays like Hokes while being coached by Harbs………

    Stanford will never get the ‘talent’ of alabama or?? But their graduates will always contribute more down the road to the Advancement of the Human Condition on a global basis rather than a dummied down Murajkan superficiality regarding ‘fantasy football’ that permeates Michigan Materialism.

    Whenever I see an Ol that Harbaugh has offered the first thing I chek is whether they’ve been offered by Stanford, Northwestern, Vandy as well.
    As I wrote Ol’s are the most intelligent posiiton group in the NFL so IF a smart blue chip prospect OL coming out of high school is considerring an NFL part time job; they’re prally looking at a ‘smaht skool’.

    Harbs should look into that since he ragged on Michigan while at Stanford accusing them basically recruiting dumass’s for Gen Ed studies but now he’s doing the same thing.
    another Harbs inconsistency/hypocrisy.


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