Michigan 42, Rutgers 7

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11Nov 2018
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Michigan 42, Rutgers 7

Chris Evans (image via College Sports Maven)

Rutgers is getting better. Don’t get me wrong – Rutgers isn’t close to being a good team. But they lost to Wisconsin by a score of 31-17, they lost to Northwestern 18-15, and they put up a better fight than most expected against Michigan, even though it ended up a 42-7 blowout. They couldn’t handle Michigan’s defensive front, so they were limited to throwing screens and trying to throw the ball, but they have some capable running backs. And Artur Sitkowski is a former 4-star quarterback, so he’s about the best talent they’re going to get at that position.

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9Nov 2018
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Preview: Michigan at Rutgers


Michigan has worked its way up to #30 in rushing offense (218 yards/game), and they’re tied for #29 at 5.04 yards/carry. The running back group is led by Karan Higdon, who has dominated the carries in the backfield; he has 173 carries for 963 yards (5.57 YPC) and 7 touchdowns. Quarterback Shea Patterson (51 carries, 187 yards, 2 TD) is second on the team in carries, just one ahead of backup running back Chris Evans (50/251/3). Despite talk about a vastly improved offensive line, Michigan is just #64 in Line Yards and #67 in Standard Down Line Yards. It’s still a slog at times, but the threat of the QB run has opened up a few things. Rutgers is #120 in rushing defense (234 yards allowed/game), and they’re allowing 5.64 YPC (#122). Wisconsin and Illinois both ran for 300+ yards on the Scarlet Knights, and Kansas was up over 400. Senior weakside linebacker Trevor Morris (6’1″, 228 lbs.) leads the team with 81 tackles, while senior middle linebacker Deonte Roberts (6’1″, 235) is second with 71. They’re #90 in tackles for loss, led by sophomore defensive end Elorm Lumor (6’3″, 246) with 6.0. None of Rutgers’ top four defensive tackles is above 300 lbs. This should be a good matchup for Michigan.
Advantage: Michigan

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30Oct 2017
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Michigan vs. Rutgers Awards

Brandon Peters (image via FDFP)

Let’s see more of this guy on offense . . . Brandon Peters. Obviously. He went 10/14 for 124 yards and 1 touchdown. He didn’t take any sacks, and he seemed to be finding the open guys. Perhaps more encouragingly than what we saw with O’Korn against Purdue, Peters mostly wasn’t fitting the ball into tight windows. While O’Korn seemed to be locking onto one guy and getting him the ball no matter what, Peters seems to be going through his progressions a bit more. O’Korn was 3/6 for 13 yards and 1 interception with 2 fumbled snaps prior to leaving the game.

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29Oct 2017
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Michigan 35, Rutgers 14

Brandon Peters (image via USA Today)

Is it Peters time? The biggest story is obviously the appearance of redshirt freshman Brandon Peters. I said before the game that I didn’t think Peters would play unless John O’Korn got hurt or unless Michigan went up big, and I was wrong. I wasn’t really expecting two fumbled snaps, either. O’Korn was 3/6 for 13 yards and 1 interception before getting yanked for redshirt freshman Brandon Peters in the second quarter. Peters entered the game when it was 7-7, and the offense rattled off 21 unanswered points. He went 10/14 for 124 yards and 1 touchdown in that time. Following the game, Jim Harbaugh said this has been brewing for a couple weeks, and he also told the team on Monday that Peters would get a chance to play in this one. Peters looked outstanding in this game except for a) one slant that might have been a pick-six if safety Kiy Hester didn’t have stone hands and b) a deep crossing route to Sean McKeon that fell short, not because of arm strength but due to misjudging the distance. He’s still finding his way as a player a little bit. His play was encouraging, but O’Korn looked great when he played against Purdue, too. Now that teams have film on Peters, sledding might get a little tougher in the coming weeks.

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