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7Nov 2017
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A Note on Content

I’ve had several requests over the past couple days for content regarding last weekend’s game against Minnesota.

And I have bad news.

I haven’t watched the Minnesota game yet. I was busy all day and night on Saturday, and there was more to come on Sunday. I can’t stress enough that yours truly is a football coach. This is my busiest time of the year, and somehow I still manage to write content and get stuff out there most days. I can almost guarantee you that no other blog out there is run by someone who works a full-time job, coaches high school football, and still finds time to put out content every day. I write on my lunch hour, before the crack of dawn, and after most people are in bed.

Believe me when I say that if I can write, I will write. If something doesn’t get posted, it’s not because I’ve forgotten or let it go by the wayside due to laziness. I’m sorry for not posting a game recap and such, but altogether, that’s probably about 4-5 hours of work that I simply don’t have time for this week.

4Jun 2017
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Traffic and Income Report: April 2017

Many of you visit regularly, click on ads, buy things on Amazon, contribute via Paypal, etc. Here’s how that turns up on my end.

The following data comes from April of 2017:

Page views: 371,241.
This is a jump of about 116,000 page views. The reason is twofold, I believe: 1. I brought on some additional contributors, including Mike Knapp and umbig11. 2) My Google ranking stopped being affected so negatively by my stupid, crappy server.

Google AdSense revenue: $476.43

Amazon Affiliates revenue: $33.26

Sovrn revenue: $134.02
I mentioned last month that Sovrn had been screwy and I had to work out some kinks, so this represents almost a 400% increase in revenue from them.

Paypal donations: $0.00
Paypal is still not productive unless I’m specifically asking for donations, which is fine.


14May 2017
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Site News: Summer is Coming

The summer months are coming, which means there’s a little more free time to work on the site. So now is always a good time to get a feel for the direction of the site.

What about the site needs to be added, improved, fixed, etc.? If you have experience in site design, think about widgets, plug-ins, layout, etc. If you’re a fan, think about information, content, etc.

A few things to think about:

  • Does the site need a Twitter feed on the sidebar?
  • Do you want to see more pictures and videos of recruits? Do you prefer clicking on links to highlight videos?
  • What types of posts do you prefer to see linked on the nightly posts – coaching posts, Michigan news, national college football news, other?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

8Apr 2017
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Traffic and Income Report: February 2017

I mentioned not long ago that I wanted to start sharing traffic and income reports for the site. As readers and contributors, I think it’s fair to want some insight into the “inner workings” of the blog. Many of you visit regularly, click on ads, buy things on Amazon, contribute via Paypal, etc. Hopefully this can become a regular report.

The following data comes from February of 2017:

Page views: 229,640.
This was a down month for traffic, despite the expected uptick in traffic from National Signing Day. Why was it so low? Well, my previous hosting service couldn’t handle the traffic – despite promises that it could – so there was a lot of down time. There were a couple days, as well as intermittent other spots, where nobody could view the site at all, including me.

Google AdSense revenue: $281.40

Amazon Affiliates revenue: $53.95

Paypal donations: $1,109.40.
I don’t get Paypal donations during most months, but this was the month when I requested (and received) funding for a new server. (See above: Page views.) Over a span of twelve days, readers ponied up over $1,100 to help for the new server, which has been working well.

TOTAL INCOME: $1,444.75

6Apr 2017
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How does Amazon help Touch the Banner?

I’ve fielded a question several times over the past couple years, because I occasionally mention that you can support the site by making purchases on Amazon. But I probably haven’t done a great job of explaining exactly how that works. A lot of websites use the Amazon Associates program, but here’s how it helps:

Step #1: I create ads on my end. Sometimes those ads are related to book reviews, and sometimes they’re recommendation ads based on categories that I pick. Most of you are interested in sports, and not many of you use makeup, so I choose appropriate channels. Then I post those ads permanently at the bottom of the page, or they appear temporarily in posts that eventually get bumped down into the nether regions.

Step #2: You click. Whether you like what you see advertised or you just want to buy something random on Amazon, you click on the ads. It doesn’t matter what you buy. Once you arrive at Amazon and make a purchase (generally within 24 hours after clicking on the ad), you’ve contributed to the site. If you leave your Amazon tab open for too long, then the cookies disappear and it’s no longer connected to Touch the Banner. So if you want to contribute, make sure to complete the transaction.

Step #3: Commissions. Amazon has various programs that can be used for commissions, including referrals to particular products or services. Chances are slim that I’m going to convert you to Amazon Prime or one of their streaming services, so I generally avoid those types of conversion ads. Once your purchased items are shipped, I receive a 4% to 12% commission based on what you bought. This is Amazon’s way of paying for ad space without giving out the money up front. They only pay when something is actually purchased. So if you buy a $100 item, anywhere from $4 to $12 goes into my account.

Step #4: The site benefits. I have no delusions of getting rich, but it’s nice to be compensated a little for the time spent on the website. On average, I probably spend a minimum of two hours per day writing, updating offer boards, culling information from Twitter, watching film, etc. But in addition to compensation, roughly 20% of site income goes into keeping the site running (servers, tech support, domain names, premium widgets, site upgrades, etc.), and another chunk goes into business taxes. I also have intentions of tweaking a few things to improve the reader experience, so hopefully it will circle back to you in some way, too.

The best thing about Amazon Associates is that you don’t pay anything extra. You get what you want from Amazon, and you don’t have to worry about setting up a Paypal account, giving me your credit card information, feeling guilty for not contributing, etc. Everyone wins.

If you want a little more insight into how the program works, here’s a short video:


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