2019 All-American Bowl

2019 All-American Bowl

January 5, 2019

Daxton Hill (image via 247 Sports)

The 2019 All-American Bowl will be taking place in San Antonio, TX, today, and it will be broadcast on NBC at 1:00 p.m. EST. Other than the Polynesian Bowl (January 19), this will be the last chance to see Michigan’s 2019 commits until they’re suiting up for Michigan. This game used to be known as the U.S. Army All-American Bowl, but the Army no longer sponsors the bowl.

Michigan commits include:

DL Chris Hinton, Jr., #5
WR Cornelius Johnson, #81

DB Daxton Hill, #30

This game is full of guys Michigan pursued or is pursuing, including:

RB Quavaris Crouch, #27 (Tennessee)
RB Eric Gray, #2 (Tennessee)
WR Wandale Robinson, #13 (Nebraska)
DE Zach Harrison, #93 (Ohio State)
DE George Karlaftis, #42 (Purdue)
LB Lance Dixon, #31 (Penn State)

WR Jaylen Ellis, #4 (Baylor)
WR Kyle Ford, #82
OL Bryce Benhart, #68 (Nebraska)
OL Logan Brown, #50 (Wisconsin)
DL Isaiah Foskey, #18

The following players will be announcing their commitments:

CB Marcus Banks
WR David Bell
DE Khris Bogle
ATH McKel Broussard
WR Kyle Ford
WR Jadon Haselwood
WR Bru McCoy
CB Chris Steele
CB Tyrique Stevenson

Here’s a link to the full rosters (LINK), and here’s a list of all the Michigan players to have played in this bowl game in the past (LINK).


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    Jan 06, 2019 at 9:38 PM

    It was strange watching this one without the Army in attendance. I’ve seen all of these games since 2003 or 2004 and it’s typically pretty cool to see our military cheering on the high school kids. Last year was a bit of a debacle (due to Amon-Ra St. Brown showboating around the field) but it typically is a better game than the Under Armor AS game. Sad to see the Army not sponsor it anymore.

    Ok, a couple other thoughts before player evals. 1) The uniforms sucked!. Was difficult to read numbers but at least you could read the names on the back of the jerseys unlike the UA game. It was some weird blue/red/yellow electronic looking number fade. Didn’t care for it and missed the old, simple jerseys with Army decals. 2) The announcers were unwatchable. If only this had a a radio broadcast I would have turned it on. You could tell these announcers didn’t know anything about the recruits and weren’t even scouts. UA does a better job of that. 3) No famous coaches. Which I like better because the game becomes more about Deion Sanders and FSU than it does on the actual kids.

    Dax Hill: Not a lot to talk about other than he was juked by both a QB and RB. He had a special teams tackle on a kickoff and at least 1 other game tackle. Couldn’t tell when he was in the game. He does look fast and kind of broke up a pass in end zone thought the WR dropped it first.

    Chris Hinton: I was expecting him to be bigger! He looked about 6-2, maybe 6-3 but definitely smaller than most of other DL on the same team. However, he looked like he was in better shape than most of his HS tape. I think his listed 280 lbs is accurate. He doesn’t have many moves yet. Didn’t seem to hustle to the ball after it went past him either. He did have a fumble recovery on a nice play to beat his man inside. Though, he could have had 1-2 more fumble recoveries if he hustled to the ball. He’s a mystery to me because I haven’t seen the get-off I’d hoped but he looks quick when he’s in space. I know some think he could play OL but he’d only be a Center or Guard so I’m hoping we just get his brother instead and Chris gets better on the DL.

    Cornelius Johnson: Looks the part already. More of a natural receiver who looks pretty big, probably 6’2″ or 6’3″. Natural strides and ran only a couple routes. Just missed a fade in the end zone early and then caught one in the end zone later. He also had a post route that he caught for a 2nd TD. What was nice about that one was that it was a bit behind him and he didn’t panic even though he was wide open. Very excited for him and think he’s one of the best recruits we got this year.

    Others who stood out: Mertz is going to be good at Wisconsin. Very accurate. Wandale Robinson is going to be sweet. Really wished we tried harder for him. I know at one point it was either him or Giles Jackson and Giles committed quick. At the time I was ok with that thinking Giles was a more natural receiver but after watching Wandale I wish we got him too. Wandale can be a game changer for Nebraska. Garrett Wilson looks college-ready and it’s too bad the college is OSU. Karlaftis had a sack but otherwise wasn’t noticeable. Finally, Jaylen Ellis dropped 2 balls right in his hands. Hope he enjoys Baylor!

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      Jan 07, 2019 at 12:12 AM

      OUTSTANDING, thanks ExtraJuice

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