Morning Roundup: October 22, 2019

Morning Roundup: October 22, 2019

October 22, 2019
Josh Ross (image via MLive)

Josh Ross is coming back soon from injury (LINK). That makes things awkward with Cam McGrone and Jordan Glasgow playing well.

I stand with Jim Nagy:

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    Oct 22, 2019 at 9:41 AM

    Few more strays to round up & throw into the corral……..
    and since its Notre Dame week and a week that shouldn’t be, hmmmm.

    I haven’t been anykind of a fan of Notre Dame football since I grew old enough to freely think for myself and there’s much more to my personal disinterest of Notre Dame than simply college football that I won’t go into cause, well, it doesn’t have anything to do with football.

    SOooo given those ifs, ands & buts…………

    My question is WHY has Michigan put them [back] on the football schedule?
    Notre Dame is the conference pass around prostitute of the NCAA Football world & Michigan football doesn’t need ND, never has and generally speaking ND doesn’t really directly need Michigan football either.
    So Why?
    With the recent advent of the so-called playoff system, however, ND does need the Big Ten; in order to enhance its playoff viability of having some semblance of a strong & varied schedule. ND is an official [but unofficial] member of the ACC, plays USC & Stanford from the PAC12, schedules games with the Big12 (Ok & TX) & SEC (recentlyGa) etc….. So ND needs to play sombody perceived to be tough from the B10 in order to round out their SOS against all P5 conferences. You know so thay can pass themselves off as the P5 Independent [ instead of THEE ND University NCAA Prostitute]. The last 2 seasons Michigan has been ‘used’ by ND for this purpose…….. and evidently it was initially at Harbaugh’s behest. WHY? Do Real Men need prostitutes?
    WHY does Michigan let ND use them?; allow themselves to go down to ND’s level? Yeah, Why?
    Some people might suggest its about $$$$ the money they can make. NOooo not at all; not in this day & age with Notre Dame’s tv contracts & Michigan’s B10 TV revenue contracts, etc…… NO not at all – everyone in College football is making tons of money especially programs like Michigan & ND – without each other. Believe it or not, in the good ole capitalist $$$ market driven USA, Michigan vs Notre Dame football game IS NOT about the money. I’m a thinkin’ itsabout somethin’ else…….
    Back to Harbaugh – He thinks its ‘good for Football’ – wha ever that means. He hasn’t elaborated on that to my knowledge but I intuitively sense it has something to do with Jim Harbaugh’s warped arrogant sense of Traditional [historical Football] Values……….
    Need a short break & then I’ll continue with Page 2………….INTJohn

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    Oct 22, 2019 at 10:53 AM

    Page 2
    ND / Michigan football began back in 1887 so it seemingly spans about 130 of the 150 years of College football; began when Michigan football taught the game to ND, yeah in 1887 (YES! Michigan actually taught ND How to play Football). Over the next 90 ish years the 2 programs played all of 11 (Eleven) times. !887- 1977; Yep! 11 whole games in 90 years! Does this lay the foundation of ‘a rivalry’? (Asking for a friend). HMMmmm, prolly NOT!

    Over the last 40ish years ND & Michigan have met 33 times and during this time span has to be, evidently, what defines this match-up as a ‘rivalry’ If one cares to use that term.
    Now, Michigan & ND began playing again back in ’78 for generally 2 reasons:
    1 – To fill the stands of both stadiums and thus make $$$$ (This was before the advent of Big time TV riches) for each Athletic Dept.
    2 – Bo liked it because it was a preconference game against tough competition that he could gauge his team by. Bo’s goals were always winning the Big Ten Championship and he saw the so-called National Championship (ND’s ‘goal’) as a meaningless subjective popularity contest; not something that one could control on the field as a football team or a worthy goal. The Big Ten Championship was a viable and tangible goal – The Only Goal.

    And thus this so-called ‘rivalry’ was born – born actually in 1978, imo. ND has games against B10 opponents Wisconsin, Purdue & Ohio St. scheduled thru 2025, I think, so I hope Michigan tells ND to fuck off after this Saturday – win or lose – as I’ve read rumblings that more ND games might be scheduled tho I hope it doesn’t occur. ND’s ‘true’ Big Ten Rival has historically been MSU – 77 meetings since 1900 or so and if ND wants to play a team from Michigan they can return to the vermin that is both them & Sparty.

    It looks like Michigan’s primary roll for the remainder of this season is that of ‘spoiler’ as an East Divy title is now all but nonexistent. ND, despite their loss at Ga., still has a fairly decent shot yet to make the Playoffs and they desperately need to defeat The Wolverines this Saturday to keep those hopes alive.
    I hope however that Michigan just really kicks their ass. Really Really Kicks their ass and then never ever EVER plays Notre Dame again……….
    As I See It…………INTJohn

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    Oct 22, 2019 at 11:35 AM

    “I can kick ND’s a–“, Jim Harbaugh.

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