Nightly Roundup: January 9, 2019

Nightly Roundup: January 9, 2019

January 9, 2019

Former Michigan running back Kurt Taylor is headed to a JUCO in Iowa (LINK).

MLive’s Aaron McMann grades Michigan’s 2018 season (LINK).

Bleacher Report’s Mike Tanier says Tom Brady is getting old (LINK).

Oklahoma offensive tackle Bobby Evans declared for the NFL Draft, meaning Oklahoma lost everyone on the offensive line except their center (LINK). Will former Michigan commit Erik Swenson become a starter at Oklahoma in 2019?

Zach Shaw looks at the assistant coach departures during Jim Harbaugh’s tenure (LINK).


  1. GKblue
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    Jan 09, 2019 at 10:42 PM

    Wow 5 links?

    Taylor never seemed to be a back with skills destined for playing time here. His scholarship was either one to help in recruiting others and/or was sentimental by JH. He liked the kid and his family. Other than grades and the ever present hope of FBS stardom leading to the NFL why do so many kids go the Juco route instead of smaller div schools?

    I think McMann’s grades are more generous than mine. Shave a little off the OL grade for example. I am most disappointed with JH’s coaching this year.

    I measure my sports observations in decades. I have had many heroes succumb to father time. I have seen many career sine waves end disappointingly. For Brady to play even near the level we have come to expect, he needs a supporting cast more than ever. His receivers have not been up to usual standards in NE.

    Am I just old fashioned when I think that having consistency in the assistant coaches is a good thing? As long as their group of responsibility is performing? But come on JH get some recruiters, some fresh ideas on offense especially. I think part of the turnover rate is not a surprise we are plugging holes with men in transition, or are very ambitious. Some of JH’s hires just didn’t work out.

  2. Avatar
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    Jan 09, 2019 at 11:32 PM

    My first thought as well: does Swenson start? Worth following

  3. Lanknows
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    Jan 10, 2019 at 8:50 AM

    I almost forgot about Swenson already.

    Mlive grades seem like they are relative to expectations. Grading the D below the O-line is nuts. B for linebackers is outright laughable. B+ overall sounds about right. The team met preseason expectations almost exactly.

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