2011 Offer Board update

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6May 2010
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2011 Offer Board update

Linebacker recruit A.J. Johnson

The 2011 Offer Board has been updated:

Added AJ Johnson (ILB) and Jermaine McKinney (ILB).

Added Errin Joe (OG).

Added Deon Lee (Quick end).

Added Jeremy Reynolds (SR).

Added Lamar Dawson (ILB).

Added Darius Patton (WR).

Christian LeMay (QB) committed to Georgia.

Jalen Grimble (DE) committed to USC.

Nathan Hughes (DE) committed to Texas.

Matt Hegarty (OT) committed to Notre Dame.

Added Johnathan Aiken (SS).

Added James Adeyanju (DE).

Added Mickey Johnson (NT).

Added Sean Duggan (ILB).

Added Branden Jackson (ILB).

Added Delvon Simmons (DT).

Added Taques Franklin (TE).