Michigan’s 10 Longest Plays vs. Maryland

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16Nov 2023
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Michigan’s 10 Longest Plays vs. Maryland

Giles Jackson (image via Toledo Blade)

Michigan is 10-1 against the Terrapins after they started playing each other in 1985. The Terps eventually joined the Big Ten in 2014, winning that first game against the Brady Hoke-led Wolverines before losing five in a row.

  1. Giles Jackson 97-yard kickoff return TD (2019)
  2. A.J. Henning 81-yard kickoff return TD (2021)
  3. David Long 80-yard interception return (2017)
  4. Cade McNamara 77-yard TD pass to Donovan Edwards (2021)
  5. Jehu Chesson 66-yard TD run (2015)
  6. Tony Boles 64-yard TD run (1989)
  7. Wilton Speight 56-yard pass to Chris Evans (2016)
  8. Ty Isaac 53-yard TD run (2016)
  9. Joe Kerridge 52-yard run (2014)
  10. Shea Patterson 51-yard pass to Nico Collins (2018)
  11. Shea Patterson 51-yard pass to Nico Collins (2019)

Hit the jump for some videos.

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6Sep 2023
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Michigan’s 10 Longest Plays vs. UNLV

Ty Isaac (image via Detroit News)

This is a feature I started last year, with the ten longest plays against any particular opponent. I didn’t break it out last week since Michigan had never played East Carolina before, and now the opponent is UNLV, whom Michigan has only played once. So each of the following plays will take you back to 2015, when Michigan won by a score of 28-7.

  1. Ty Isaac 76-yard touchdown run (2015)
  2. J.J. McCarthy 47-yard touchdown pass to Roman Wilson (2023)
  3. Jehu Chesson 36-yard touchdown run (2015)
  4. Jayden Denegal 35-yard pass to Semaj Morgan (2023)
  5. Jabrill Peppers 31-yard kickoff return (2015)
  6. Channing Stribling 30-yard interception return (2015)
  7. Semaj Morgan 28-yard kickoff return (2023)
  8. Cornelius Johnson 26-yard run (2023)
  9. Kalel Mullings 26-yard kickoff return (2023)
  10. J.J. McCarthy 25-yard pass to Roman Wilson (2023)

Here’s Isaac’s 76-yarder:

5Jul 2023
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All-Time Single-Game Receiving Touchdown Leaders

Derrick Alexander

I thought I would put together the list of top scoring performances for receivers in Michigan history. Again, if you want to set some passing/receiving records at Michigan, make sure you’re healthy for the Indiana game.

  1. 4 – Derrick Alexander (1992 vs. Minnesota)
  2. 4 – Jehu Chesson (2015 vs. Indiana)
  3. 3 – Ron Kramer (1955 vs. Missouri)
  4. 3 – Greg McMurty (1989 vs. Minnesota)
  5. 3 – Desmond Howard (1991 vs. Boston College)
  6. 3 – Desmond Howard (1991 vs. Indiana)
  7. 3 – Derrick Alexander (1992 vs. Northwestern)
  8. 3 – David Terrell (1999 vs. Alabama)
  9. 3 – David Terrell (2000 vs. Northwestern)
  10. 3 – Braylon Edwards (2004 vs. Michigan State)
  11. 3 – Braylon Edwards (2004 vs. Texas)
  12. 3 – Mario Manningham (2006 vs. Notre Dame)
  13. 3 – Jeremy Gallon (2013 vs. Notre Dame)
  14. 3 – Devin Funchess (2014 vs. Appalachian State)
  15. 3 – Donovan Peoples-Jones (2018 vs. SMU)
  16. 3 – Nico Collins (2019 vs. Indiana)

Over one hundred players have caught 2 touchdowns in a game, so I won’t list them all.

Originally posted on November 26, 2019.

24Feb 2021
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Michigan’s 10 Longest Plays vs. Northwestern

Jehu Chesson

Here’s a look at the top ten longest plays over the years against the Northwestern Wildcats.

  1. Jehu Chesson 96-yard kickoff return touchdown (2015)
  2. Jamie Morris 80-yard kickoff return (1984)
  3. Anthony Carter 78-yard punt return touchdown (1979)
  4. Tyrone Wheatley 74-yard touchdown run (1991)
  5. Steve Breaston 67-yard punt return touchdown (2004)
  6. Elvis Grbac 65-yard pass to Amani Toomer (1992)
  7. Elvis Grbac 64-yard touchdown pass to Desmond Howard (1991)
  8. Stan Edwards 62-yard kickoff return (1977)
  9. Lawrence Ricks 60-yard touchdown run (1981)
  10. Anthony Thomas 60-yard touchdown run (1999)
  11. John Kolesar 60-yard punt return (1988)

Hit the jump to see video of the top three plays.

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24Aug 2020
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Ranking Michigan’s Wide Receivers

David Terrell (image via Michigan Football History)

Previously, I ranked the Michigan quarterbacks (LINK) and running backs (LINK) from the beginning of the Lloyd Carr era onward. That corresponds with the time that I have paid close attention to Michigan football.

Now we will take a look at the receivers. Because I don’t have an endless amount of time, I have to trim this down to guys who started at least twelve games in a Michigan uniform, which represents roughly one full season as a starter. The lone exception here is Devin Gardner, who started a bunch of games, but mostly at quarterback.

Hit the jump for the list.

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