Michigan’s 10 Longest Plays vs. Northwestern

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24Feb 2021
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Michigan’s 10 Longest Plays vs. Northwestern

Jehu Chesson

Here’s a look at the top ten longest plays over the years against the Northwestern Wildcats.

  1. Jehu Chesson 96-yard kickoff return touchdown (2015)
  2. Jamie Morris 80-yard kickoff return (1984)
  3. Anthony Carter 78-yard punt return touchdown (1979)
  4. Tyrone Wheatley 74-yard touchdown run (1991)
  5. Steve Breaston 67-yard punt return touchdown (2004)
  6. Elvis Grbac 65-yard pass to Amani Toomer (1992)
  7. Elvis Grbac 64-yard touchdown pass to Desmond Howard (1991)
  8. Stan Edwards 62-yard kickoff return (1977)
  9. Lawrence Ricks 60-yard touchdown run (1981)
  10. Anthony Thomas 60-yard touchdown run (1999)
  11. John Kolesar 60-yard punt return (1988)

Hit the jump to see video of the top three plays.

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11Feb 2021
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Michigan’s 10 Longest Plays vs. Michigan State

Dennis Fitzgerald (image via Go Blue History)

If you’re like me and you enjoy big plays, here are some great ones against the Spartans over the years:

  1. Dennis Fitzgerald 99-yard kickoff return touchdown (1960)
  2. Desmond Howard 95-yard kickoff return touchdown (1990)
  3. Drew Henson 81-yard touchdown pass to Marcus Knight (1999)
  4. Derrick Alexander 80-yard punt return touchdown (1992)
  5. Shea Patterson 79-yard touchdown pass to Donovan Peoples-Jones (2018)
  6. Rob Lytle 75-yard touchdown run (1976)
  7. Anthony Thomas 69-yard touchdown run (1998)
  8. Tom Hendricks 67-yard punt return touchdown (1954)
  9. B.J. Dickey 66-yard touchdown pass to Ralph Clayton (1979)
  10. Mike Hart 64-yard run (2005)

Hit the jump for some clips.

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13Jan 2021
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Michigan’s 10 Longest Plays vs. Wisconsin

Here’s a walk down memory lane to check out the ten longest plays Michigan players have made against Wisconsin over the years:

  1. Seth Smith 100-yard kickoff return TD (1994)
  2. Ryan Mallett 97-yard TD pass to Mario Manningham (2007)
  3. Butch Woolfolk 92-yard TD run (1979)
  4. Butch Woolfolk 89-yard TD run (1981)
  5. Tony Boles 81-yard TD run (1988)
  6. Shea Patterson 81-yard run (2018)
  7. B.J. Dickey 74-yard TD run (1977)
  8. John Wangler 71-yard TD pass to Doug Marsh (1979)
  9. Shea Patterson 68-yard pass to Ronnie Bell (2019)
  10. Rick Leach 65-yard TD pass to Ralph Clayton (1978)

Hit the jump for some highlights.

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12Dec 2020
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Top 10 Longest Plays vs. Ohio State

Desmond Howard (image via Michigan Radio)
  1. Desmond Howard 93-yard punt return TD (1991)
  2. Dave Raimey 90-yard kickoff return TD (1960)
  3. Devin Gardner 84-yard pass to Jeremy Gallon (2013)
  4. Charles Woodson 78-yard punt return TD (1997)
  5. Jim Harbaugh 77-yard TD pass to John Kolesar (1985)
  6. Denard Robinson 75-yard TD pass to Roy Roundtree (2012)
  7. Drew Henson 70-yard TD pass to Anthony Thomas (2000)
  8. Brian Griese 69-yard TD pass to Tai Streets (1996)
  9. Steve Smith 67-yard TD pass to Triando Markray (1983)
  10. Denard Robinson 67-yard TD run (2012)

Hit the jump for video of #1 and #3. Sadly, I couldn’t find video of Raimey’s kickoff return.

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5Dec 2020
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Michigan’s 10 Longest Plays vs. Maryland

Giles Jackson (image via Toledo Blade)

Michigan is 8-1 against the Terrapins after they started playing each other in 1985. The Terps eventually joined the Big Ten in 2014, winning that first game against the Brady Hoke-led Wolverines before losing five in a row.

  1. Giles Jackson 97-yard kickoff return TD (2019)
  2. David Long 80-yard interception return (2017)
  3. Jehu Chesson 66-yard TD run (2015)
  4. Tony Boles 64-yard TD run (1989)
  5. Wilton Speight 56-yard pass to Chris Evans (2016)
  6. Ty Isaac 53-yard TD run (2016)
  7. Joe Kerridge 52-yard run (2014)
  8. Shea Patterson 51-yard pass to Nico Collins (2018)
  9. Shea Patterson 51-yard pass to Nico Collins (2019)
  10. Elvis Grbac 49-yard pass to (1989)

Hit the jump for some video of the top three.

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