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15Dec 2020
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Site News: Visit tomorrow for news

SHORT STORY: Since news and updates will be coming in a flurry tomorrow, December 16 (National Signing Day), I will only be posting updates at That’s the only place you can comment right now, anyway, and I want to have a place for discussion. I will post about when National Letters of Intent have been sent in, what Michigan offerees have committed elsewhere, etc.

LONG STORY: WordPress recently updated to a new version, and the new version is no longer compatible with my theme. That’s why comments have been disabled – not by me, but by The Borg. I have been told that I need to re-theme (basically rebuild) the website, which costs a lot of money (the quote was $3,400). I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but we’re in a pandemic. And I don’t have that much money just to throw at this project when ad revenue is so low.

So that’s why we’re in a holding pattern with comments, and that’s why I have to post everything twice – here and over on On the plus side, I guess it’s a good thing that I kept the Blogspot site up, because it has come in handy a couple times when WordPress has been dumb.

Sorry you’re being jerked around from site to site. This is a major pain in the ass for me and has been the source of a lot of stress and consternation over the past several weeks.

13Nov 2020
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Site News: WordPress is the new iPhone

Remember how the iPhone would just, like, stop working around the time when a newer version of the iPhone was being released?

Well, it looks like WordPress is doing the same thing. Good ol’ planned obsolescence.

They keep updating WordPress, and the latest update won’t support my site theme anymore. One of the aspects of the update that isn’t supported is: comments!

So that’s why you have been unable to comment on the site lately, which sucks. I am looking for a fix, but I’m being told the site will need to be re-themed/re-designed.

When MGoBlog broke, you couldn’t do posbangs or scroll to the next page of comments. When TTB breaks . . . nobody can comment, period.

Welcome to 2020.

9Jul 2020
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Site News: AdSense is trying to kill me

So this was already a wild week (if you only knew…), and then AdSense tried to put another nail in my coffin.

AdSense, which is Google’s ad program that puts most of the non-Amazon ads on the site, sent me an e-mail saying they were disabling ads on my site. Why? They said I posted pictures that broke their policies. This sort of happened previously, except then they told me it was okay if I posted those pictures, so I started posting them again last fall (after going through and deleting thousands of pictures off the server).

Then out of the blue, they canceled my ads again earlier this week.

At one time this site was making upward of $1,000 per month in AdSense revenue.

Recently it had trickled down to less than $2 a day.

Yesterday it was $0.06.

Today it is $0.00.

I submitted the site for AdSense review, but they rejected my appeal by saying the site was still breaking their policy. They sent me a link as an example of a violation, and the link said “Page Not Found.” So I have no idea.

I am now exploring other ad server programs.

23May 2020
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Site News: The Corona Effect

I know posting has slowed a bit in recent days. I will admit that the general slowdown of everything has quelled my motivation to write. I’m still getting site traffic, so that’s something, but the bottom line is that an ad glitch with AdSense and the crappy economy have sucked dry almost all monetary reward. And while I started this blog twelve years ago for nothing but fun, my priorities have changed since 2008.

This post isn’t about asking for donations. Some of you are already very generous, and everyone’s taking a financial hit during quarantine. This post isn’t a “farewell” because I intend to continue the blog.

This is only meant to be an insight into a) the financial effects of coronavirus and b) an explanation for the posting slowdown.

Here are a couple more detailed looks, starting with Amazon:

As of May 23, the earnings for Amazon in May are at $9.17. That’s about $0.42 per day (through 22 days of reporting).

AdSense is more productive, but you can see in red the downward trend – after a couple months of downward trends. April was down 32% from March, and May is down 25% from April.

We’re 22 full days into the month, and the site is taking in less than $5 per day, so I just can’t justify cranking out article after article wh

There are admittedly flaws in my business plan. I don’t seek out ads, and random Russian businessmen often e-mail me with offers I ignore. Maybe they could make me rich, or maybe I end up with a guy wearing a thick gold chain named Boris shoving a Glock in my nostril.

So. Don’t send money. Don’t cry.

Please just keep this post in mind if you visit the site and don’t 2-3 new articles per day.

10Feb 2020
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Site News: Keep the Change, Ya Filthy Animal

The time has come to pay the bill for Flywheel. Flywheel is the web hosting service that I have been using for the past few years after 2015 and 2016 really sucked due a terrible local hosting service. As you can see above, I ran the $1,250 charge last week.

In the last couple years, I have become increasingly reliant on donations and Amazon ads because Google AdSense just doesn’t bring in what it used to bring. For example, the month of January 2020 brought in $302.04 from Google, so it would take me four months of writing just to pay for the site to exist.

So if you can donate something, anything, to the effort, it would be appreciated. Please use the Paypal donation button below. Thanks!