EA Sports’ “NCAA Football 2012” Ratings Released

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30Jun 2011
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EA Sports’ “NCAA Football 2012” Ratings Released

EA Sports’ NCAA Football 2012 rosters were released, and here’s a run-through of the Big Ten’s teams and ratings.  Michigan’s portion begins at 2:08.

A few oddities:

– Seth Broekhuizen is an 82 overall
– William Campbell is literally the worst DT on the team
– J.B. Fitzgerald is your starting LOLB and Brandon Herron starts at ROLB
– Cam Gordon is listed as a strong safety instead of a linebacker
– Jordan Kovacs is an 89 overall
– Marvin Robinson is the starting free safety, and Carvin Johnson is his backup
– Vincent Smith has 91 speed, but Michael Shaw is only an 87 in that category . . . which is the same as Stephen Hopkins