Will Hart, Ex-Wolverine

Will Hart, Ex-Wolverine

December 16, 2020
Will Hart

Punter Will Hart posted on Twitter that he’s pursuing a grad transfer opportunity elsewhere in 2021. This is very interesting, because Hart was a fifth year senior in 2020, so he’s the first “senior” of any sort for Michigan to indicate that he plans to play college football again in 2021. Of course, because of COVID and the NCAA’s exception for collegiate athletes this year, every player still has eligibility in 2021, including seniors, fifth year seniors, and even sixth year seniors.

Hart had a very weird career at Michigan. A walk-on player, he was a Ray Guy Award semifinalist and first team all-conference player in 2018 after averaging 46.98 yards per punt. He followed that up by averaging 44.24 yards per punt in 2019 and . . . a very disappointing 37.75 yards in 2020. So he steadily regressed, and Brad Robbins took his punting job during the 2020 season. I’m unaware if that was because of injury, a loss of confidence, etc., but regardless, Hart looks to be headed out the door.

This does not really affect Michigan’s roster or scholarship numbers, considering Hart was a walk-on who had lost his starting job. But it does remove a punting option, and Robbins himself has had injury issues. It’s also worth noting that Michigan signed one of the top punters in the 2020 class in Orchard Lake (MI) St. Mary’s specialist Tommy Doman.

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