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      So, considering all that has happened since Ruddick left, does Harbaugh still retain his rep. as a QB guru?

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      HAHa lol…….

      I’m not so sure he ever was a QB guru. That was the general perception of the masses at large but simply because The Masses perceive something to be true doesn’t mean it fits any sense of Reality…….

      Yes the Harbaugh reputation of being a QB guru , I think, if one explores this objectively going back to his USD days or even to the Raiders days when Al Davis hired him to ‘fix’ Raider QB’s anyone with haf a brain will have to conclude that Harbaugh is a good qb coach BUT! A Quarterback GURU? Hah! Far from it.

      I think much of the credit for his QB success – at the University level anyway belongs to other coaches; i.e. his assistants and a couple of rare types like Luck who would’ve been an NFL qb no matter what competent college coach worked with him…….

      Dantonio at MSU & Richt now at Miami have a WAAYY better track record of QB development at the NCAA level than Harbaugh and there are others as well who are much more deserving of the title “Quarterback Guru” – IF such a title is to b bestowed – than Jim Harbaugh.

      As I See It…………INTJohn

Viewing 1 reply thread
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