Rating System

The following system is used for rating Michigan prospects.  Ratings are determined by the author of this blog and are subject to change throughout a player’s recruitment.  Ratings are dependent on the current roster, other committed players, and their fit with Michigan’s system. For example, a “4-star” quarterback committed in the same class as a “5-star” quarterback might result in the 4-star being ranked much lower since he might not be given much of an opportunity to see the field.

100 = Best prospect in the country at his position; high likelihood of 1st round NFL potential (Ex: Rashan Gary, Charles Woodson)

90-99 = Outstanding starter in Big Ten; likely All-Big Ten and All-American; high likelihood of NFL draft potential (Ex: Devin Bush Jr., Brandon Graham, Taylor Lewan)

80-89 = Very good starter in Big Ten; good chance of All-Big Ten; some NFL draft potential (Ex: Mike Martin, Jonas Mouton, Denard Robinson)

70-79 = Solid starter in Big Ten; some NFL draft potential (Ex: Karan Higdon, Brandon Minor, Craig Roh)

60-69 = Average starter in Big Ten; little NFL draft potential (Ex: Ricky Barnum, Bryan Mone, Mark Ortmann)

50-59 = Below average starter or good backup (Ex: Greg Banks, John Ferrara, Jared Wangler)

40-49 = Average backup or solid special teams contributor (Ex: Delonte Hollowell, Darnell Hood)

1-39 = Below average backup or special teams contributor (Ex: Brandon Logan)

NOTE: Examples are based on a player’s completed college career, and NOT his potential as a recruit.