Morning Roundup: September 12, 2019

    I don't ever link these types of things, but here are some NFL helmet designs with local college colors (a.k.a. a Lions helmet with U of M colors). Here's the link (LINK).

    Here's an SI article on Clemson's religious culture (LINK).

    Mick McCabe of the Detroit Free Press talks about how parents are dragging down high school sports (LINK).

    Allen Trieu has a piece on 2020 linebacker commit Kalel Mullings (LINK).

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    2020 Recruiting Update: September 12, 2019

    Myles Hinton (left) and Chris Hinton, Jr. (image via 247 Sports)


    Devon Betty - DE - Fort Lauderdale (FL) St. Thomas Aquinas: Betty committed to North Carolina State.

    Javian Hester - WR - Tulsa (OK) Booker T. Washington: Hester committed to Missouri. He was a teammate of Daxton Hill's. Hester is a 4-star, the #40 wide receiver, and #233 overall.


    Here's a list of players who visited Michigan last weekend (LINK).

    I'm tracking Michigan's 2020 and 2021 commits' seasons over on the message board (LINK), including J.J. McCarthy, J.D. Johnson, Blake Corum, etc.

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    Former Michigan Athlete of the Week: Tom Brady

    Tom Brady (image via Sports Illustrated)

    The 42-year-old New England Patriots quarterback completed 24/36 (66.7%) of his passes for 341 yards and 3 touchdowns in a 33-3 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.


    • Devin Bush, Jr., LB (Pittsburgh Steelers): Bush made 11 tackles in a 33-3 loss to the Patriots.
    • Frank Clark, DE (Kansas City Chiefs): The former Seattle Seahawk made 1 tackle and returned an interception 5 yards in his first game with his new team, a 40-26 win over Jacksonville.

    • Devin Funchess, WR (Indianapolis Colts): Funchess made 3 catches for 32 yards in a 30-24 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers, but he also broke his clavicle, which could sideline him for the remainder of the year.
    • Brandon Graham, DE (Philadelphia Eagles): Graham made 2 tackles and 1 tackle for loss in a 32-27 win over the Washington Redskins.
    • Maurice Hurst, Jr., DT (Oakland Raiders): Hurst started and made 2 tackles in a 24-16 win over the Denver Broncos.
    • Jourdan Lewis, CB (Dallas Cowboys): Lewis made 2 tackles and 1 pass breakup in a 35-17 win over the New York Giants.
    • Bryan Mone, DT (Seattle Seahawks): Mone made 2 tackles and 1 tackle for loss in a 21-20 win over the Cincinnati Bengals.
    • Jabrill Peppers, S (New York Giants): Peppers made 7 tackles and 2 punt returns for 7 yards in a 35-17 loss to the Cowboys.
    • Jarrod Wilson, S (Jacksonville Jaguars): Wilson made 5 tackles in a 30-13 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.
    • Chase Winovich, OLB (New England Patriots): Winovich made 1 tackle in the 33-3 win over the Steelers.

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    Ranking Michigan's Quarterbacks

    Drew Henson (image via Detroit News)

    This was originally posted on March 17, 2017. It has been updated following the 2018 season.

    Sports fans love to debate the greatness of players and rank them in order from most revered to most despised. And while despised probably doesn't fit any of these players, since they played for the University of Michigan, we all have our favorites. I have endeavored to achieve the un-possible: Rank all of Michigan's starting quarterbacks.

    Okay, that's too tall of a task for me right now. I'm working up to it. So I'm only going back to 1995, which was the beginning of the Lloyd Carr era. That's the earliest full coaching tenure where I can count on my recollections of Michigan football. I was a big fan of Bo Schembechler, Gary Moeller, and the Michigan Wolverines before then, but I'll be damned if I say I was aware enough to understand what was happening on the field.

    This ranking only takes into account what the quarterbacks achieved wearing the winged helmet. High school highlight tapes and NFL performance aren't taken into account. (After all, we can agree that Tom Brady is far and away the best quarterback who ever played the game of football, and that includes Uncle Rico.)

    So if you were starting a season with your pick of any Michigan QB since 1995, which one would you take?

    On with the show:

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    All-Time Single-Game Tackle Leaders

    Jarrett Irons (image via Bentley Historical Library)

    This was a very interesting list to put together. I wasn't old enough to remember a lot of these performances or players when they were at Michigan, though I have seen some in throwback videos. Most of them I'm only familiar with through their name, at least until Erick Anderson and beyond.

    1. 21 - Calvin O'Neal (1975 vs. Baylor)
    2. 20 - Ron Simpkins (1977 vs. Ohio State)
    3. 19 - Paul Girgash (1982 vs. Illinois)
    4. 19 - Mike Mallory (1984 vs. Purdue)
    5. 19 - Andy Moeller (1985 vs. Illinois)
    6. 18 - Mike Taylor (1970 vs. Ohio State)
    7. 18 - Mike Boren (1981 vs. Navy)
    8. 18 - Mike Boren (1982 vs. UCLA)
    9. 18 - Tim Anderson (1984 vs. Purdue)
    10. 18 - Garland Rivers (1984 vs. BYU)
    11. 18 - Al Bishop (1987 vs. Alabama)
    12. 17 - Phil Seymour (1968 vs. Cal)
    13. 17 - Ron Simpkins (1979 vs. Ohio State)
    14. 17 - Mike Boren (1982 vs. Illinois)
    15. 17 - Mike Boren (1982 vs. Michigan State)
    16. 17 - Mike Mallory (1985 vs. Iowa)
    17. 17 - Al Bishop (1987 vs. Minnesota)
    18. 17 - Erick Anderson (1991 vs. Ohio State)
    19. 17 - Steve Morrison (1992 vs. Illinois)
    20. 16 - Ron Simpkins (1977 vs. Washington)
    21. 16 - Ron Simpkins (1978 vs. Arizona)
    22. 16 - Ron Simpkins (1978 vs. Michigan State)
    23. 16 - Andy Cannavino (1979 vs. Ohio State)
    24. 16 - Jarrett Irons (1994 vs. Colorado)
    25. 16 - Jarrett Irons (1996 vs. Ohio State)

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    Ex-Wolverine Updates: Week 2

    Brandon Peters (image via Detroit News)


    Brian Cole, S (Mississippi State): Cole made 7 tackles, 2.5 tackles for loss, and 1 sack in a 38-15 win over Southern Mississippi.

    Kekoa Crawford, WR (Cal): Crawford is Cal's leading receiver through two games. He made 3 catches for 48 yards in Cal's 20-19 upset win over Washington.

    Ja'Raymond Hall, OT (CMU): Hall did not play in the 61-0 loss to Wisconsin.

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    Michigan vs. Army Awards

    Zach Charbonnet (image via MLive)

    Let's see more of this guy on offense . . . Jon Runyan, Jr. Ryan Hayes had an excellent debut against Middle Tennessee State last week, and this week he fell back to Earth. He was (from what I could tell) responsible for two sacks, both of which resulted in fumbles by Shea Patterson. I think he will be a good player in the long run, but he's not ready yet.

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