Ex-Wolverine Updates: Week 2

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10Sep 2019
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Ex-Wolverine Updates: Week 2

Brandon Peters (image via Detroit News)


Brian Cole, S (Mississippi State): Cole made 7 tackles, 2.5 tackles for loss, and 1 sack in a 38-15 win over Southern Mississippi.

Kekoa Crawford, WR (Cal): Crawford is Cal’s leading receiver through two games. He made 3 catches for 48 yards in Cal’s 20-19 upset win over Washington.

Ja’Raymond Hall, OT (CMU): Hall did not play in the 61-0 loss to Wisconsin.

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9Sep 2019
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Michigan vs. Army Awards

Zach Charbonnet (image via MLive)

Let’s see more of this guy on offense . . . Jon Runyan, Jr. Ryan Hayes had an excellent debut against Middle Tennessee State last week, and this week he fell back to Earth. He was (from what I could tell) responsible for two sacks, both of which resulted in fumbles by Shea Patterson. I think he will be a good player in the long run, but he’s not ready yet.

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7Sep 2019
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Anatomy of a Bad Short Yardage Play

This is a quick-hitter because I’m a busy dude, but this is one area where Michigan is struggling. What is their identity in short yardage?

When any 5-man run scheme is involved, you’re outnumbered in the run game up front. Michigan can block 5 with the line and read another with the QB, but bringing a 7th guy into the box makes Michigan vulnerable to the SAM linebacker here bending off the edge unblocked. Unless Shea Patterson throws the ball quickly to the X receiver or gets it out to the trips side with a bubble or key screen, Michigan is going to struggle mightily to run the ball in this type of set against an aggressive defense.

A couple simple fixes with formations:

Sorry I don’t have time to explain more thoroughly. There are other things you can do (obviously), but I happened to have my play design software pulled up and threw these together.