Michigan 38, Wisconsin 17

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3Oct 2021
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Michigan 38, Wisconsin 17

David Ojabo (image via MLive)

Michigan’s defense won the day. The scoreboard says 38 points for Michigan, which is a good amount of points, but the Wolverines won the game with their defense. They held the Badgers to 43 total rushing yards, which is their lowest total since they had -26 yards against Northwestern in November 2015. Wisconsin’s leading rusher was freshman Braelon Allen, who ran 5 times for 19 yards. Those overall numbers were aided by -13 yards from backup quarterback Chase Wolf and -21 yards from starting quarterback Graham Mertz, who were sacked a total of 5 times. Wisconsin’s only real sustained success was a drive near the end of the first half when Mertz was 5/5 and threw a touchdown to wide receiver Chimere Dike.

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1Oct 2021
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Preview: Michigan at Wisconsin

Graham Mertz

Michigan is #5 in rushing offense (291 yards/game) and #6 in yards per attempt (6.3) despite having a tough go against Rutgers last week (112 rushing yards, 3.0 yards/carry). Blake Corum is down to 6.9 yards per attempt and Hassan Haskins is down to 5.3. Both of those rushing averages are still very good, but Michigan needs a better game this week. The game was really slowed down in the trenches and by the play calling; starting left guard Trevor Keegan and left tackle Ryan Hayes both struggled in the run game, and Josh Gattis called a very uninspired game filled with repeated inside runs that repeatedly didn’t work. Wisconsin, meanwhile, is the #1 rushing defense (23.0 yards allowed/game) and teams are averaging just 1.01 yards per attempt. Last week Notre Dame managed just 3 total rushing yards on 32 attempts, an absolutely abysmal effort. Senior inside linebacker Jack Sanborn (6’2″, 236 lbs.) leads the squad with 5 tackles for loss, followed by senior defensive end Matt Henningsen (6’3″, 291) with 4 and sophomore outside linebacker Nick Herbig (6’2″, 227) with 3.5. Senior safety Scott Nelson (6’2″, 205) leads the team with 13 tackles. Unless Michigan can open up the running game by throwing the ball effectively (see below), it’s going to be tough sledding.
Advantage: Wisconsin

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28Sep 2021
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All-Time Season Sack Leaders

David Bowens

Last week I posted the career sack leaders at Michigan (LINK). This week it’s the season sack leaders. I cut it off at 7 sacks, so here you go.

  1. 13.0 – Aidan Hutchinson (2021)
  2. 12.0 – David Bowens (1996)
  3. 12.0 – LaMarr Woodley (2006)
  4. 11.0 – Mark Messner (1985)
  5. 11.0 – Chris Hutchinson (1992)
  6. 11.0 – Jason Horn (1995)
  7. 11.0 – James Hall (1998)
  8. 11.0 – David Ojabo (2021)
  9. 10.0 – Mark Messner (1987)
  10. 10.0 – Brandon Graham (2008)
  11. 10.0 – Taco Charlton (2016)
  12. 9.5 – Brandon Graham (2009)
  13. 8.5 – Brandon Graham (2007)
  14. 8.5 – Joshua Uche (2019)
  15. 8.0 – Khaleke Hudson (2017)
  16. 8.0 – Chase Winovich (2017)
  17. 7.5 – Shawn Crable (2007)
  18. 7.0 – Glen Steele (1997)
  19. 7.0 – James Hall (1999)
  20. 7.0 – Joshua Uche (2018)

Originally posted on March 23, 2020.

13Sep 2021
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2021 Michigan vs. Washington Awards

Aidan Hutchinson (image via Yahoo)

Let’s see more of this guy on offense . . . a wide receiver catching the ball. Michigan completed just 3 passes to wide receivers on Saturday night, and just 7 in total. Washington has a formidable defense, but wide receivers are going to get frustrated pretty quickly if they don’t start getting the ball once in a while to show off their skills. Cornelius Johnson (1 catch, 33 yards), A.J. Henning (1 catch, 1 yard), and Mike Sainristil (1 catch, -1 yard) got the ball, which means Roman Wilson and Daylen Baldwin didn’t.

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12Sep 2021
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Michigan 31, Washington 10

Blake Corum (image via Fansided)

Run, run, and run again. Michigan fans on Twitter were getting pretty grumpy about running the ball, but I don’t have a problem with it.* It turns out that despite the rumored good defense that Washington was bringing to Ann Arbor, they couldn’t fit the run properly. Michigan ran 56 times for 343 yards (6.1 yards per carry) and 4 touchdowns. The offensive line didn’t provide a ton of gaping holes, but they provided enough room for slippery backs like Blake Corum and Hassan Haskins to make hay. The last time Michigan ran for more yards was in the rain during the 2017 game against Minnesota, when Chris Evans and Karan Higdon ran wild to the tune of 370 rushing yards. You do what you have to do to win the game, and Michigan was obviously destroying the Huskies with the run.

*Except I do have a problem with it. I know I lied above. And I apologize. I don’t have a problem with running the ball like mad when it’s an attempt to win an individual game, but it’s going to be very hard to recruit good receivers on the edge if you don’t throw the ball. Josh Gattis came in with the “speed in space” mantra and that borrowed some time for the Wolverines, but now they’re reverting to the Jim Harbaugh days of yore. If I’m a good wide receiver, I have zero interest in playing for Michigan. Michigan wide receivers caught just three (3!!!) balls on Saturday night in a comfortable, three-touchdown win. The leading receiver was Blake Corum with 3 catches himself for just 11 yards.

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