Michigan Football Writers: Who Are They?

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15Jul 2016
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Michigan Football Writers: Who Are They?


Tom Van Haaren (image via Twitter)

I don’t know why, but I have always been interested in the number of people who cover Michigan football for a living. Not only are there pay sites requiring subscriptions, but there are also numerous blogs and websites that have developed over the years (including this one). It’s a bit of a revolving door, so I thought I would gather up some biographical bits for various writers. I’m limiting this to the four major recruiting sites and MGoBlog, since going even a step further would probably make this way too broad.

ESPN: Wolverine Nation (now defunct)

Chantel Jennings (image via Twitter)

Name: Chantel Jennings
Athletic experience: N/A
Prior to current job: Writer for The Michigan Daily, Wolverine Nation
Currently: Pac-12 football and basketball writer for ESPN.com

Name: Michael Rothstein
Athletic experience:
Prior to current job: Writer for Wolverine Nation
Currently: Detroit Lions writer for ESPN.com

Name: Tom Van Haaren
Athletic experience:
Prior to current job: Owner of U Recruit, writer for MGoBlog
Currently: Recruiting analyst for ESPN.com

Hit the jump for a further rundown of the people writing about Michigan.

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