Way Too Early 2020 Depth Chart: January 2020

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7Jan 2020
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Way Too Early 2020 Depth Chart: January 2020

Dylan McCaffrey (image via Detroit News)

Here’s another update to the potential depth chart now that Cesar Ruiz, Donovan Peoples-Jones, and Josh Uche declared for the NFL, along with the announcement of transfers from Tarik Black and Stephen Spanellis. There will still be some departures from the depth chart you see below, and there will probably be some additions via transfer, but for now here’s some guesswork.

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3Jan 2020
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Change is Coming: Offense

Ben Bredeson (image via 247 Sports)

Every year the new season brings changes big and small. It seems that the 2020 season will bring some pretty significant changes to what we see on the field at Michigan, from players to coaches. Here’s a look at the expected changes and what we might see in 2020.

The impact is rated as being positive (+), negative (-), or neutral (=).

Out: QB Shea Patterson
In: Dylan McCaffrey/Joe Milton
Patterson was just the third quarterback to throw for 3,000 yards in a season, but many weren’t happy with his performance. Redshirt junior McCaffrey and redshirt sophomore Joe Milton will battle it out, and the belief (on my end) is that the loser of that battle will not finish out his career at Michigan. McCaffrey is the better overall player – both passing and running – but a concussion and a collarbone injury have ended his previous two seasons.
Impact: =

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18Nov 2019
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Michigan vs. Michigan State Awards

Ronnie Bell (image via Michigan Daily)

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Let’s see more of this guy on offense . . . Shea Patterson. Michigan took Patterson off the field a couple times to run a single wing type of look near the goal line. Michigan has been doing this the past few weeks with Zach Charbonnet and/or Hassan Haskins. I groan every time I see it because it’s so predictable. I’ll give you a hint: it’s not a pass. Michigan isn’t even running any motion with it to give the look of a jet sweep or power read. At least leave Patterson on the field to have the threat of motion or a double pass or something. Maybe this is just to put something in Ohio State’s mind to consider in a couple weeks, but right now it’s not doing much.

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3Nov 2019
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Michigan 38, Maryland 7

Hassan Haskins (image via Detroit Free Press)

Emotional letdown. Watching as a fan, I did not take as much pleasure in this 38-7 victory as I normally would. Maybe that’s what happens after a big game against Penn State and a beatdown of Notre Dame in a night game. People talked about it potentially being a trap game for Michigan’s players, but I guess it was for me as a fan, too. Michigan played well overall, but there wasn’t a lot of juice. Other than the opening kickoff return, there weren’t many big plays. It was a solid beating, but Michigan didn’t exactly run roughshod over the Terrapins. It wasn’t death by a thousand papercuts, but it was close.

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22Sep 2019
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Wisconsin 35, Michigan 14

Dylan McCaffrey (image via Detroit Free Press)

Gross. I had practice on Saturday morning and then went to scout an upcoming opponent, so I DVRed the game and planned to watch it late. I purposefully didn’t wear any Michigan gear to scout, because I didn’t want any douchebags coming up to me saying, “Oh, you’re a Michigan fan? It looks like they’re about to win/lose.” I successfully went home without any idea how the game was going, turned on the recording, and promptly figured out within a few minutes that Michigan would lose the game. I waited an extra three hours to start it, and it took me five minutes to know the outcome.

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