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30Nov 2019
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Wild Haskins 4th-and-1 Failure

The game was pretty much decided by this point, but on 4th-and-1, the Wolverines decided to run the (a.k.a. my) dreaded Wild Haskins formation. Michigan did indeed throw a changeup at Ohio State’s defense, sending sidecar fullback Ben Mason from the playside to the backside of the play, where he was kicking out the defensive end. (Most Wild Haskins plays have Hassan Haskins following Mason.)

This is one of those plays where I’m not sure who to blame based on the film.

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25Nov 2019
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Snapshots: Haskins Wild

One issue I have mentioned multiple times in my game recaps and such is the “Wildcat” or “single wing” that has appeared this year with Zach Charbonnet and then Hassan Haskins getting direct snaps behind center. Michigan has used it almost exclusively as a short yardage or goal line changeup. It frustrates me because there’s no imagination or creativity involved in Michigan’s versions. At least when Jabrill Peppers was lined up in the “wildcat,” the coaching staff used motions to mess with the defense, even if it always resulted in Peppers keeping the ball.

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24Nov 2019
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Michigan 39, Indiana 14

Nico Collins (image via MLive)

IT’S A TRAP! I was expecting a relatively close battle (I predicted 28-17 Michigan), and the great and powerful Lee Corso predicted an Indiana victory. But it turns out Michigan had other ideas this year. After a slow start on defense, the Wolverines defense put the clamps on Indiana. Michigan was down 14-7 at one point and then scored 32 unanswered points the rest of the way. Indiana’s secondary was severely outmatched in this one, and Michigan took advantage to the tune of 366 passing yards and 5 touchdowns through the air.

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3Nov 2019
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Michigan 38, Maryland 7

Hassan Haskins (image via Detroit Free Press)

Emotional letdown. Watching as a fan, I did not take as much pleasure in this 38-7 victory as I normally would. Maybe that’s what happens after a big game against Penn State and a beatdown of Notre Dame in a night game. People talked about it potentially being a trap game for Michigan’s players, but I guess it was for me as a fan, too. Michigan played well overall, but there wasn’t a lot of juice. Other than the opening kickoff return, there weren’t many big plays. It was a solid beating, but Michigan didn’t exactly run roughshod over the Terrapins. It wasn’t death by a thousand papercuts, but it was close.

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