Michigan 43, Purdue 22

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4Dec 2022
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Michigan 43, Purdue 22

Donovan Edwards (image via WPTV)

Hail to the Victors! It is truly incredible what this team, these coaches, and these players have accomplished over the past couple years. Michigan is 25-2 in that span. Back in the olden days, a 13-0 record would be good enough to be voted a national champion. Regardless of what happens in the College Football Playoff, this team is a national championship-caliber squad. Furthermore, Jim Harbaugh has cemented himself as one of the best coaches in modern football. If I had to name a top three, it would include Harbaugh, Urban Meyer (ugh), and Nick Saban (ugh again). Harbaugh has taken over struggling program after struggling program and made them elite, from Stanford to the San Francisco 49ers to Michigan. A lot of coaches are in the right place at the right time, including guys like Jimbo Fisher, Gene Chizik, Ed Orgeron, etc. to make once-in-a-lifetime runs and then fall off precipitously. There are very few who can consistently redirect a program wherever they go, and Harbaugh is one of them.

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1Dec 2022
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2022 All-Big Ten Teams

Blake Corum

The Big Ten released its all-conference teams over the past couple days, and here’s a look at the honorees for Michigan:

RB Blake Corum (Coaches, Media)
C Olu Oluwatimi (Coaches)
OG Trevor Keegan (Coaches)
OG Zak Zinter (Coaches, Media)
DL Mike Morris (Coaches, Media)
DL Mazi Smith (Coaches, Media)

QB J.J. McCarthy (Media)
OT Ryan Hayes (Coaches)
LB Junior Colson (Coaches)
DB D.J. Turner II (Coaches)

WR Ronnie Bell (Coaches, Media)
TE Luke Schoonmaker (Coaches)
LB Mike Barrett (Coaches)


27Nov 2022
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Michigan 45, Ohio State 23

Donovan Edwards (image via DraftKings)

I was wrong. I predicted a 35-24 Ohio State victory, and it went almost exactly the opposite way. I didn’t expect Michigan’s offense to be able to keep up with Ohio State’s, especially if Blake Corum was unable to play. Oops.

Pound the rock. Ohio State held up very well against the run for much of the game. In the first half, Michigan rushed for just 20 total yards, including just 6 yards on 2 carries for Blake Corum. They also used C.J. Stokes on 2 carries for just 5 yards. The second half turned into a completely different story. An injured Donovan Edwards, wearing a cast on his right hand, took over the game, carrying the ball in his non-dominant hand. He finished with 22 carries for 216 yards and 2 touchdowns. One was a 75-yarder where he outraced safety Lathan Ransom, and the other was a patient attempt where he waited for a crease and then gashed the Buckeyes for 85 yards. Even though Michigan wasn’t successful in the first half, they seemed to wear down Ohio State’s front.

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13Nov 2022
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Michigan 34, Nebraska 3

Blake Corum (image via Toledo Blade)

Nebraska sucks! Yes. Yes, they do. Nebraska is a 3-7 football team with an interim head coach, no defensive playmakers except outside linebacker Garrett Nelson, and no quality FBS quarterback right now. Nebraska’s best play on Saturday was to call a pass and then let the quarterback scramble up the middle and hope he doesn’t hurt himself. Unfortunately, that play ended one too many times with the quarterback hurting himself. Meanwhile, the two quarterbacks, Chubba Purdy and Logan Smothers, combined for 9 rushing attempts and 40 total yards. The team ended up with 146 total yards, or exactly 106 yards that didn’t come on QB scrambles.

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1Nov 2022
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Michigan 29, Michigan State 7

Mike Morris and Blake Corum (image via MGoBlue)

That was more difficult than it should have been. Michigan should have blown out MSU by more than 22 points. Offensively, the Spartans couldn’t do anything more than toss prayer balls up to 6’4″, 215 lb. wide receiver Keon Coleman, who had a great game with 5 catches for 155 yards and 1 touchdown. MSU averaged 4.75 yards per offensive player, a lower average than any game except when Ohio State held them to 4.21. But somehow a team ranked in the 100s in most pass defense categories held J.J. McCarthy to 15/25 completions, 167 yards, and 1 touchdown. The lack of a passing game forced Michigan to call on kicker Jake Moody 5 times, and he kicked 5 field goals, including a 54-yarder. It was a beating, but not as decisive as I wanted.

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