Snapshots: Joe Milton vs. 2019 Opponents

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6Aug 2020
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Snapshots: Joe Milton vs. 2019 Opponents

Joe Milton (image via Wolverines Wire)

I have previously broken down Dylan McCaffrey as I evaluate the 2020 quarterback battle (HERE and HERE).

Now here’s a look at Joe Milton’s performance against a few opponents in blowouts. It’s important to keep in mind that Milton was often working with backups, and practice reps for the #3 guy are limited.

As a reminder, I awarded grades on the following scale:

  • +1: Good play that not everyone can make
  • 0: Average play that an average player can make
  • -1: Poor play

Click on the play number for the YouTube link.

PLAY 1: The line doesn’t do Milton any favors – especially right guard Griffin Korican, who allows pressure that prevents Milton from stepping up – but a quick throw on an arrow route gets batted down as Milton tries to throw it through the defensive end.
Milton grade: -1

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29May 2020
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Can Joe Milton go from 3rd to 1st?

Joe Milton (image via Wolverines Wire)

Much has been made of the 2020 quarterback battle between Dylan McCaffrey and Joe Milton. I did a post analyzing McCaffrey (LINK) and plan to do more, but in an effort to handicap the race, I wondered how many Michigan quarterbacks have taken over the starting job after being the #3 (or lower) in the previous season, or ever.

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18Apr 2020
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Mailbag: J.T. Daniels and transfer quarterbacks

J.T. Daniels (image via SI)

Hey, Magnus. I appreciate your comments here and over at MGo. I was wondering what you think about JT Daniels and if Michigan should go after him. I know Michigan recruited him back in high school, but Michigan hasn’t had luck with transfers in the past. Is it worth the risk of chasing off D-Caff, Milton, and potentially JJ McCarthy? I’ll hang up and listen.

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3Jan 2020
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Change is Coming: Offense

Ben Bredeson (image via 247 Sports)

Every year the new season brings changes big and small. It seems that the 2020 season will bring some pretty significant changes to what we see on the field at Michigan, from players to coaches. Here’s a look at the expected changes and what we might see in 2020.

The impact is rated as being positive (+), negative (-), or neutral (=).

Out: QB Shea Patterson
In: Dylan McCaffrey/Joe Milton
Patterson was just the third quarterback to throw for 3,000 yards in a season, but many weren’t happy with his performance. Redshirt junior McCaffrey and redshirt sophomore Joe Milton will battle it out, and the belief (on my end) is that the loser of that battle will not finish out his career at Michigan. McCaffrey is the better overall player – both passing and running – but a concussion and a collarbone injury have ended his previous two seasons.
Impact: =

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6Oct 2019
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Michigan 10, Iowa 3

Kwity Paye had 2.5 sacks (image via Detroit Free Press)

Enjoy Michigan football. I’ve seen a lot of complaints about Michigan’s offense, which we will indeed discuss. But those complaints are probably coming from a lot of the same people who have said Jim Harbaugh can’t win big games against tough opponents. Iowa was 4-0 and ranked #14 coming to Ann Arbor. It wasn’t a pretty win, but it counts the same in the Big Ten standings as a win over Ohio State or Rutgers.

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