Michigan 38, Maryland 7

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3Nov 2019
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Michigan 38, Maryland 7

Hassan Haskins (image via Detroit Free Press)

Emotional letdown. Watching as a fan, I did not take as much pleasure in this 38-7 victory as I normally would. Maybe that’s what happens after a big game against Penn State and a beatdown of Notre Dame in a night game. People talked about it potentially being a trap game for Michigan’s players, but I guess it was for me as a fan, too. Michigan played well overall, but there wasn’t a lot of juice. Other than the opening kickoff return, there weren’t many big plays. It was a solid beating, but Michigan didn’t exactly run roughshod over the Terrapins. It wasn’t death by a thousand papercuts, but it was close.

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1Nov 2019
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Note: No Maryland preview

Believe me when I say it stresses me out when I can’t put out my regular content each week. I don’t talk much about my personal life, but you would probably consider me an insane person if you knew everything else going on in my daily existence and then considered I was still trying to keep up a blog.

I apologize, but I just have no choice but to prioritize other things at the moment.

Thanks for reading (or at least attempting to read), and Go Blue!

Prediction: Michigan 42, Maryland 13

9Oct 2018
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Michigan vs. Maryland Awards

Shea Patterson (image via ClickOnDetroit)

Let’s see more of this guy on offense . . . Ronnie Bell. The freshman wide receiver is making plays when given the opportunity. He caught a long touchdown pass from Dylan McCaffrey a couple weeks ago, and this week he caught a crossing route from Shea Patterson that turned into a catch-and-run touchdown. Michigan needs to keep the receivers healthy, so it’s good that Bell is getting some snaps so he (and others) can be available down the stretch.

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