Michigan vs. Michigan State Awards

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2Nov 2020
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Michigan vs. Michigan State Awards

Hassan Haskins (image via MLive)

Let’s see more of this guy on offense . . . the running back with the hot hand. Hassan Haskins had the best game on the ground for Michigan, rushing 8 times for 56 yards (7.0 yards/carry) and 1 touchdown. He had the hot hand for a team that’s trying to spread around the carries. In a close game, you need to stick with the hot hand. I like Zach Charbonnet’s speed and toughness, and I like Blake Corum’s quickness and vision, but Haskins was doing well, and the staff just forced the other guys in there. Why is a guy who’s getting 7.0 yards/carry only running the ball 8 times when the quarterback is only getting 5.9 yards per attempt passing the ball?

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1Nov 2020
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Michigan State 27, Michigan 24

Joe Milton (image via Freep)

This was bad. I want to get this out of the way first. I don’t like it when people say “This is inexcusable!” I will totally forgive Jim Harbaugh and Don Brown if they beat Ohio State. But you can’t just lay an egg against a rival – a terrible rival with a first-year coach who just lost to Rutgers – and walk away largely unscathed. This is probably the worst loss of Jim Harbaugh’s career, even though perhaps the 2015 loss was more heartbreaking, considering it took place with :00 seconds left on the clock. At least you could see this one coming.

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30Oct 2020
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Preview: Michigan vs. Michigan State

Rocky Lombardi (image via Detroit News)

Last week against Minnesota, Michigan averaged 8.26 yards per carry, which is currently #1 in the country. It’s only one game, but anytime you average over 8 yards/carry, things look pretty good. Michigan’s revamped offensive line looked good and did not allow much penetration. The mammoth offensive guards were moving people. Michigan’s top two backs, Zach Charbonnet and Hassan Haskins, averaged 17.5 and 13.7 yards/carry, respectively. Michigan State is #20 in rush defense after a loss to Rutgers, in which the Spartans allowed 106 yards on 41 carries. (Oddly, they allowed 4 rushing touchdowns.) Leading tackler Antjuan Simmons (6’0″, 225 lbs.) made 11 tackles and Noah Harvey (6’4″, 240) made 9. Defensive end Drew Beesley (6’2″, 260) made 3.5 tackles for loss and 1 sack. The Spartans have some large defensive tackles, namely Naquan Jones (6’4″, 340), but Jones tends to be somewhat upright and shouldn’t get a ton of penetration.
Advantage: Michigan

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4Feb 2020
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Mark Dantonio is gone from Michigan State

I don’t normally relish the departure of a coach, but let me say that I take special pleasure in the downfall of Mark Dantonio and Michigan State. Unfortunately, Michigan’s rivals are not only Michigan’s rivals, but they have also been led by despicable leaders and human beings in recent years, including Gene Smith, Urban Meyer, and Jim Tressel at Ohio State, and…well…just about everyone in administration at Michigan State.

I have numerous friends who went to Michigan State and spent a good chunk of my undergraduate time visiting MSU’s campus. I grew up as a Michigan fan and have never liked MSU, but at one time, I had a grudging respect for them.

That faded a long time ago.

Dantonio has proven himself to be a cheater and terrible human being for years and years. Here are just a few of his issues:

  • He recruited known troublemaker Auston Robertson to Michigan State and put people on MSU’s campus in danger, and Robertson predictably attacked someone on campus.
  • That followed a steady string of letting convicted criminals back onto the team, including Delton Williams and Glenn Winston.
  • Dantonio led a program that included several players being busted for performance enhancing drugs, including Joe Bachie and Max Bullough.
  • Dantonio promoted a dirty on-the-field program that twisted ankles, twisted heads, head-hunted, committed late hits, etc.
  • Dantonio led the hand-in-hand thuggish pre-game walk that led to an altercation with Michigan’s Devin Bush, Jr. in 2018.
  • Dantonio’s “war of words” with Mike Hart while insulting Hart about his height showed us all very early on what kind of immaturity lingered within his mind.
  • Dantonio somewhat infamously degraded former Michigan assistant coach Jeff Hecklinski at a football clinic and bullied him off the stage.

These are just a few of the Dantonio’s infractions over the years, and I didn’t even mention the treatment of his staffers and recruiting violations that he is now being investigated for, which seem to have forced him into a resignation. Nor does it include the fact that he waited until approximately two weeks after a $4.3 million contract bonus, only to abandon his recruits and program on the day before National Signing Day (albeit National Signing Day #2 for the 2020 class).

Dantonio is a do-whatever-it-takes-to-win-two-thirds-of-the-time trash human being running away with his tail between his legs. This is an appropriately awkward and transparent departure for a coach who perpetually put his team in precarious positions but somehow escaped consequences until now, and he walks away with nice parting gift from the athletic department, which perhaps ensures that he will keep his mouth shut about all the bad things that have yet to come to light.