Morning Roundup: December 29, 2019

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29Dec 2019
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Morning Roundup: December 29, 2019


Yes, this was targeting:

People are throwing out some solutions for the targeting rule, so I might as well throw my hat into the ring as a rule maker.

A lot of people – I would venture to say most – don’t understand “targeting.” The problem, in my opinion, is the word “targeting.” It seems to imply that there has to be something intentional about it. If you go out for target practice, you’re intentionally trying to shoot at a precise spot (a hay bale, a bullseye, etc.). If a missile hits its target, yes, it was intentional.

“Targeting” in football doesn’t have anything to do with intent. You either do it or you don’t. You can’t:

  1. Lower your head to make contact with the crown of the helmet.
  2. Create forcible contact to the head/neck area.

So change the terminology. Call #1 “spearing” and call #2 “targeting” or “head-hunting” or “flibbergibbing” or whatever you want. But I’ve discovered that a lack of education on a topic causes a lot of outrage. The “powers that be” of NCAA football need to show up on a national, widely watched broadcast and explain “targeting” or “spearing” or whatever the call ends up being. They need to show examples. And those examples can be provided on Youtube, Twitter, websites, etc. anytime there’s a question about “targeting.”

I’m glad LSU and Clemson are the two representatives in the national championship game. I’ll be rooting for LSU.

1Dec 2019
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Maybe This Is As Good As It Gets

The Ohio State program is humming along at a pace that’s unprecedented for the Buckeyes. They have finished 1st or tied for 1st in their Big Ten division for the last eight seasons. To put that in perspective, Woody Hayes had six straight seasons finishing #1 or tied for #1 in the Big Ten, and Jim Tressel had five (six if you count the aborted Tatgate season). They have also beaten Michigan 15 out of the last 16 meetings, with the lone blip coming against one-year interim head coach Luke Fickell.

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30Nov 2019
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Ohio State 56, Michigan 27

The seniors played like crap. I said this on Twitter, and someone responded saying they’re looking forward to the seniors moving on. I wouldn’t go that far, but I was very disappointed in their lack of poise. I was reminded of Shawn Crable hitting Troy Smith late out of bounds…and that reminder came numerous times. Why did senior captain Carlo Kemp untie Dobbins’s shoe? 15 yards. Why did senior captain Khaleke Hudson jump offsides on a 4th-and-4 Ohio State punt? 5 yards and a first down. Why did Hudson not keep outside contain when OSU got under center and ran the ball at him? Huge gains, one of which was a touchdown. Why did senior quarterback Shea Patterson keep trying to run outside instead of cutting up to follow his blockers? -3 yards each time. Why did senior Josh Metellus decide not to play his deep half in cover 2? Touchdown. These were major gaffes. It annoys me that Cam McGrone hit Justin Fields out of bounds when Fields was already losing yards, but at least McGrone is just a young guy who’s only been starting for less than a full season. The seniors have no excuse.

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29Nov 2019
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Preview: Michigan Defense vs. Ohio State Offense

You can find the Michigan offense vs. OSU defense posts here (LINK).

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28Nov 2019
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Preview: Michigan Offense vs. Ohio State Defense

Chase Young (image via Eleven Warriors)

The picture above is a reminder that Chase Young should not be participating in this game. He missed two games because he took money as an amateur athlete. Say what you want about what the rules should be, but the rules are what they are and he broke them.

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