Michigan 42, Ohio State 27

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28Nov 2021
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Michigan 42, Ohio State 27

Jim Harbaugh and Juwan Howard (image via NY Post)

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Holy Mary, Mother of God. I don’t think I have been that anxious about a Michigan victory since the Wolverines beat Washington State following the 1997 season. I predicted an Ohio State win (shame on me), but I thought Michigan had a chance. What I did not expect is, well, an ass-whooping. When I say an ass-whooping, I don’t mean on the scoreboard or really physically (although there was some of that). I just mean it was like Michigan did whatever they wanted to do the whole game. Run the ball? Yes. Trick plays? Yes. Get after the QB? Yes. Stop the run? Yes. Prevent big plays? Yes. This wasn’t a fluke victory whatsoever. Michigan looked like the better team from start to finish.

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26Nov 2021
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Preview: Michigan vs. Ohio State

TreVeyon Henderson (image via SI)

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Michigan is the #15 rushing team (218 yards/game) and averages 5.08 yards per carry, which is #30 in the country. That’s good, not great, but it’s impressive considering Michigan’s starting quarterback isn’t much of a threat to run at all. Hassan Haskins topped 1,000 yards last week and now has 216 carries for 1,063 yards and 13 touchdowns. Fellow star running back Blake Corum (778 yards, 10 TD on the ground) has missed the majority of the last three games with a lower leg injury, but he dressed for last week’s game at Maryland and I would expect him back in action against the Buckeyes. Offensive line wise, Michigan is securely #1 in the country in tackles for loss allowed with just 2.18 per game; Georgia is next best with 3.18 per contest. Ohio State is #20 in tackles for loss (7.27 per game) and #11 in rushing defense (102 yards allowed/game). They allow just 3.1 yards per carry (#12) but have faced just 363 rushing attempts, which is the 15th fewest; I guess that’s what happens when you score a bunch of points and teams have to pass to try to catch up. Safety Ronnie Hickman (6’1″, 205 lbs.) leads the team with 83 tackles, followed by linebacker Cody Simon (6’2″, 233) with 47, safety Bryson Shaw (6’0″, 195) with 44, and linebacker Teradja Mitchell (6’2″, 239) with 44. Linebacker Tommy Eichenberg (6’2″, 235) is the biggest TFL guy with 5.5 in the run game this year. Michigan can’t get in a track meet with OSU, so they will have to try to run the ball and sustain drives to keep the defense fresh.
Advantage: Michigan

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12Dec 2020
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Top 10 Longest Plays vs. Ohio State

Desmond Howard (image via Michigan Radio)
  1. Desmond Howard 93-yard punt return TD (1991)
  2. Dave Raimey 90-yard kickoff return TD (1960)
  3. Devin Gardner 84-yard pass to Jeremy Gallon (2013)
  4. Charles Woodson 78-yard punt return TD (1997)
  5. Jim Harbaugh 77-yard TD pass to John Kolesar (1985)
  6. Denard Robinson 75-yard TD pass to Roy Roundtree (2012)
  7. Drew Henson 70-yard TD pass to Anthony Thomas (2000)
  8. Brian Griese 69-yard TD pass to Tai Streets (1996)
  9. Steve Smith 67-yard TD pass to Triando Markray (1983)
  10. Denard Robinson 67-yard TD run (2012)

Hit the jump for video of #1 and #3. Sadly, I couldn’t find video of Raimey’s kickoff return.

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29Dec 2019
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Morning Roundup: December 29, 2019


Yes, this was targeting:

People are throwing out some solutions for the targeting rule, so I might as well throw my hat into the ring as a rule maker.

A lot of people – I would venture to say most – don’t understand “targeting.” The problem, in my opinion, is the word “targeting.” It seems to imply that there has to be something intentional about it. If you go out for target practice, you’re intentionally trying to shoot at a precise spot (a hay bale, a bullseye, etc.). If a missile hits its target, yes, it was intentional.

“Targeting” in football doesn’t have anything to do with intent. You either do it or you don’t. You can’t:

  1. Lower your head to make contact with the crown of the helmet.
  2. Create forcible contact to the head/neck area.

So change the terminology. Call #1 “spearing” and call #2 “targeting” or “head-hunting” or “flibbergibbing” or whatever you want. But I’ve discovered that a lack of education on a topic causes a lot of outrage. The “powers that be” of NCAA football need to show up on a national, widely watched broadcast and explain “targeting” or “spearing” or whatever the call ends up being. They need to show examples. And those examples can be provided on Youtube, Twitter, websites, etc. anytime there’s a question about “targeting.”

I’m glad LSU and Clemson are the two representatives in the national championship game. I’ll be rooting for LSU.

1Dec 2019
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Maybe This Is As Good As It Gets

The Ohio State program is humming along at a pace that’s unprecedented for the Buckeyes. They have finished 1st or tied for 1st in their Big Ten division for the last eight seasons. To put that in perspective, Woody Hayes had six straight seasons finishing #1 or tied for #1 in the Big Ten, and Jim Tressel had five (six if you count the aborted Tatgate season). They have also beaten Michigan 15 out of the last 16 meetings, with the lone blip coming against one-year interim head coach Luke Fickell.

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