Snapshots: Pin and pull, but why no reads?

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23Nov 2020
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Snapshots: Pin and pull, but why no reads?

As with many of these snapshot plays, I’m limited with my time – and these take a while – so I apologize for not going into more depth. To discuss this post, head on over to

In the second quarter with the Wolverines down 7-0 to Rutgers, Michigan had a 2nd-and-1 play with Blake Corum in the backfield in 11 personnel (1 running back, 1 tight end).

Pre-snap, the setup looks like this:

Power read, a play Michigan would not could not run.

That’s Corum to the right of the QB, and it sets up perfectly (at least in my mind) for power read. One unblocked playside defender is the field safety at 10 yards, and if the receivers block, Corum has to make a guy miss in the open field. The other unblocked playside defender is the end, because the call would put him in conflict, forcing him to either chase Corum or keep an eye on the 6’5″, 243 lb. QB with the 4.62 forty.

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18Nov 2020
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Snapshots: Inside Zone BASH Concept

I’m putting this piece together very quickly, so I apologize that it’s not super in depth. I just don’t have a whole lot of time.

I was inspired by a tweet from Stephen Osentoski, who does a good job of making football videos for YouTube/Twitter on Michigan football. I’m not trying to call him out here, but I wanted to clarify something based on a recent tweet from him:

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8Sep 2020
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Snapshots: SMU “Mesh” Concept vs. Texas State

Shane Buechele (image via 247 Sports)

One of the best matchups of the weekend was the SMU Mustangs vs. the Texas State Bobcats. Even though Texas State has some of the most atrocious uniforms in the country, they both have interesting spread offenses.

I mainly watched to get a feel for Texas State head coach Jake Spavital, who’s a young up-and-comer in his second year as a head man (formerly OC and/or QB coach at places like Cal, Texas A&M, and West Virginia). He was matched up against SMU and head coach Sonny Dykes, his former boss.

I actually came away from the game wanting to break down a pretty simple play, because I didn’t see a ton of “innovation” or new looks this weekend like I did last week with Austin Peay (LINK).

Hit the jump for the rest of the play.

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30Aug 2020
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Snapshots: Austin Peay Counter Option vs. Central Arkansas

Austin Peay running back C.J. Evans (image via Flipboard)

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Okay, without Michigan football this fall, I thought I would take some time to break down a fun play from the Austin Peay vs. Central Arkansas NCAA opener. The game took place on Saturday night with Central Arkansas pulling out a 24-17 victory after a rocky start.

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6Aug 2020
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Snapshots: Joe Milton vs. 2019 Opponents

Joe Milton (image via Wolverines Wire)

I have previously broken down Dylan McCaffrey as I evaluate the 2020 quarterback battle (HERE and HERE).

Now here’s a look at Joe Milton’s performance against a few opponents in blowouts. It’s important to keep in mind that Milton was often working with backups, and practice reps for the #3 guy are limited.

As a reminder, I awarded grades on the following scale:

  • +1: Good play that not everyone can make
  • 0: Average play that an average player can make
  • -1: Poor play

Click on the play number for the YouTube link.

PLAY 1: The line doesn’t do Milton any favors – especially right guard Griffin Korican, who allows pressure that prevents Milton from stepping up – but a quick throw on an arrow route gets batted down as Milton tries to throw it through the defensive end.
Milton grade: -1

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