Michigan’s 10 Longest Plays vs. Purdue

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24Oct 2023
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Michigan’s 10 Longest Plays vs. Purdue

Tony Boles

If you’re like me and you enjoy big plays, here are some great ones against the Boilermakers over the years:

  1. Tony Boles 85-yard kickoff return TD (1989)
  2. Rick Leach 83-yard TD pass to Jim Smith (1975)
  3. Chuck Ortmann 82-yard kickoff return (1949)
  4. Martavious Odoms 73-yard punt return TD (2008)
  5. Dave Glinka 72-yard TD pass to Bennie McRae (1961)
  6. Jim Harbaugh 65-yard TD pass to John Kolesar (1985)
  7. Phil Webb 65-yard TD run (1985)
  8. Rick Leach 64-yard TD pass to Jim Smith (1976)
  9. Raymon Taylor 63-yard interception return TD (2012)
  10. Steve Smith 62-yard TD pass to Anthony Carter (1982)

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3Dec 2022
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All-Time Leaders: Top Performances Against Purdue

Brandon Minor (image via SUIE)

It was fun to walk down memory lane to remember the top games against Ohio State last week, so what the hell? Let’s do it for Purdue, too.


  1. 271 yards – John Navarre (2002)
  2. 270 yards – John O’Korn (2017)
  3. 264 yards – Chad Henne (2007)
  4. 259 yards – Chris Zurbrugg (1984)
  5. 256 yards – Drew Henson (2000)

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