2022 Season Countdown: #90 Damani Dent

2022 Season Countdown: #90 Damani Dent

June 6, 2022
Damani Dent

Name: Damani Dent
190 lbs.
High school:
Jacksonville (FL) Terry Parker
Jersey number:
Last year:
Dent was a senior in high school (LINK).
TTB Rating:

Dent was a little known prospect to Michigan fans before he was on the verge of committing. That type of thing can tend to happen when you’re from Florida and your other two best offers are from Oregon and Pitt. Not that there’s anything wrong with those schools, of course, but they’re not traditional recruiting powerhouses.

I do like Dent and his potential. He’s supposedly a student of the game, and he’s an aggressive and intelligent player. I think if he sticks around long enough at Michigan, he could be a good player. I had a hard time placing him in the countdown, because another undersized safety, Rod Moore, played quite a bit as a freshman in 2021. Dent could follow in his footsteps. Or the safety depth chart could be full enough with Moore, R.J. Moten, Makari Paige, and others to leave Dent redshirting.

Safety is traditionally not a spot where freshmen get a lot of run, so I’m betting against the chances of finding lightning in a bottle two years in a row. I’m guessing Dent will play in a game or two as a backup and preserve his redshirt.

Prediction: Redshirt

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