Brian Jean-Mary, Ex-Wolverine

Brian Jean-Mary, Ex-Wolverine

February 21, 2021
Brian Jean-Mary (image via MGoBlue)

Michigan linebackers coach Brian Jean-Mary is headed to Tennessee.

As I mentioned back in December – and previously – I have not been a big fan of what I’ve seen from Jean-Mary (LINK). He was in my bottom five coaches on Michigan’s staff, and four of those five have now departed (with defensive line coach Shaun Nua the only holdover).

I hope this does not have a negative effect on Junior Colson or Jaydon Hood, who were both recruited by Jean-Mary. Kids generally seemed to like him as a recruiter. I just don’t know how good he is at developing guys once they’re on campus. The linebacker play took a step back last year, and a bunch of linebackers transferred or left early and shouldn’t have.

This move seems to indicate that new co-defensive coordinator Mike Macdonald will take over coaching the linebackers. Previously, Macdonald said he would not coach a particular position and would “get in where he fit in” from practice to practice.

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