Ex-Wolverine Players: 2020 Pre-Season

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7Sep 2020
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Ex-Wolverine Players: 2020 Pre-Season

Jaylen Kelly-Powell

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I always like to keep up with former Michigan players, commits, and coaches. As we go into this crazy 2020 season (or not), here’s a look at where things stand for every Michigan player who has transferred elsewhere. If you want a recap of how their 2019 seasons went, check out this post (LINK).

LB Jordan Anthony: Anthony entered the transfer portal and graduated from Michigan over the summer, but it does not appear that he has picked a landing spot yet.

WR Tarik Black (Texas): In his first season after leaving Ann Arbor, Black is projected to be a backup Z receiver for the Longhorns.

S Brian Cole II: Cole, who was drafted in the 7th round out of Mississippi State, was recently waived by the Vikings.

WR Kekoa Crawford (Cal): Crawford was expected to be a starting receiver for Cal this year, but the Pac-12 canceled/postponed its season.

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3Sep 2020
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Michigan Running Backs Compared to the Rest of the Big Ten

Karan Higdon (image via MGoBlue)

Maybe I’m biased after growing up in the heyday of the running back. When I was a kid, I remember playing video games with superstar running backs like Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith, and Bo Jackson. I also grew up at a time when the Michigan running back was a stud, with guys like Tony Boles, Tyrone Wheatley, and Tim Biakabatuka.

So I can be a harsh critic of running backs, and I am. Numerous times over the years, I have criticized either Michigan’s depth chart – I wanted backups to play more – or even the overall talent at the position. That has engendered endless back-and-forth arguments in the comments, which you have probably seen if you ventured down below any post that mentions the word “running back.”

This post may inflame that discussion, but I truly believe this little study illuminates my issue with running backs. It was suggested by a poster that all-conference honors could point to a flaw in my position, which is:

Running back has been a weakness at Michigan since Hart graduated.

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